Monday February 20th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces Grandma Kudearoff’s Birthday—Win Them Over

Dear #2s with and without military experience

Today is the day you all finish building your armies. There are a very small group of regular ordinary people who are fighting this war for my Dad. Many of them have never been involved in the cult games and have absolutely no clue what they are doing or what they are dealing with. So it is your turn to make these people feel chosen and special. They just want to be chosen. So you need to choose them and win them over. Know thy enemy. You all know what my Dad would do because many of you all have served in the military. You all know how to win people over and make them feel chosen and then get them to fight for your side. Winning over people who dont understand what they are doing has been your strength, because these people just want to feel important and chosen. Please focus on people who fly airplanes and helicopters. The air traffic has been intense lately. I appreciate you all very much.

Law enforcement I want you all to focus on the people who are fighting this war for my Dad too. But you all focus on your strength of punishing people. Punish the people fighting this war for my Dad. These people aren’t die hards. They are weekend warriors looking to gain some easy brownie points. Make the cost of their service not worth it. These people are not prepared to pay for what they are doing. Also, focus on the people who are fighting this war at Walmart and the grocery stores. We deserve clean food. And these people fighting have had access to clean food most of their lives. Way more than the west side dark side. Punish them as much as possible so they really understand what dealing with my Dad is like. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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