Monday February 20th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Pisces Superior White People And Aryans

Superior White People and Aryans.

Well you all drop out of the war against me and my Dad replaces you all with people with Hispanic origins. How does that make you all feel? Do you think my Dad believes in the superiority of white people still? Or do you see he just believes in his own superiority? My Dad doesn’t care who he has to use to get his desired results. He just wants what he wants. Which is to destroy us all.

I appreciate you all dropping out of the war against me. I appreciate it a lot. However, now I have another situation that I would like to ask your help with. It’s an all hands on deck kind of situation. See the east side darkside is now participating in supporting my Dad and multiple genocides and the Mexican Berlin wall. You know the drill. I’m hoping you all can be revolutionary and do what you do to get these people to stop. They just want to be like you all. Just like most of us do. We want to have the same access to things as most of you all.

So I’m unsure of how you all get things done, but I know you all are extremely effective. The Aryans were very helpful in the past and I’m hoping you all can work together to police and control the people who are signing up to fight this war for my Dad. I appreciate any help you all can give me. I figure if we call this an all hands on deck issue, we can work together to get our desired results. Which really is just freedom and a good life. We all deserve a good life. That includes you all too.

I appreciate any help you all can give me. Thank you and love always.

Nicole D Graves

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