Monday February 27th 2023 Moon in Gemini Sun in Pisces Bacteria is the Answer

How do you fight antibiotic resistant bacteria? With good bacteria.

Last night I was talking to God and trying to figure out what my life will look like and be like after I get into real estate and get a home. I was really unexcited about what I saw because I just saw myself in a different prison. My life has always been so contained and boring. I am someone who needs projects and to be challenged to be happy and content. When I’m bored I just want to light up my brain in many different dysfunctional ways. And last night all I could think about was cooking food and smoking pot and watching TV and spacing off and meditating like I do now. I have spent my whole life spacing off and meditating. This is how I found God. I have been bored my whole life. So I studied and explored the quantum field. My family could not take away the quantum field. So most of my life while I was stuck in bed sick and my books were limited and censored and poisoned so I looked like I was just laying there doing nothing. A1 used to ask me where I would go when we watched TV and I spaced off. Honestly I didn’t know where I went or how to explain it. I just knew my whole life going to this other world made me feel better. So I kept doing it. When I was really young I mostly lived in the quantum field. It’s how I knew so many things without people teaching me. Throughout life I tried really hard to live in the physical realm, but it made no sense and was so illogical and dysfunctional. I was surrounded by my Dad’s cult members. The physical world hurt in so many ways. So I worked really hard to earn a life where I could go back to living in the quantum field as much as possible. I smoked tons of marijuana and took anxiety pills to deal with being sick and I went to the quantum field where I felt free. And this is where I found the answers to most of my problems. Granted I didn’t really start looking for the answers super actively until 2015 when I retired from the adult industry and made it my mission to feel good in my body. I had been so sick for most of my life. I just wanted to feel good in my body in the physical world. I wanted to experience a normal ordinary life like other people who seemed so content in the physical world. I never understood how or why they were so content. But over the years I realized it was because they weren’t in pain like I was. My body was my concentration camp. I was always in pain and tired. My organs have been failing my whole life by design. I’m alive because I have learned to survive the unsurvivable. My life has been very painful in every way possible. I set out to experience and understand life as other people lived it. And I still have not gotten there fully. But I have experienced moments of being where I get a preview of what it could be like. These moments of being have kept my hope alive.

So last night I was trying to figure out my joy for when I get through this. What am I fighting for if I don’t have anything to look forward to? So I dug deep and thought about the things I enjoy doing. Which are very different than things most people enjoy doing. However, I found my joy last night.

I love growing bacteria. I’m alive because I learned how to ferment everything I could when I was in Arizona during covid. I had all this time and I started doing even more of my science experiments. I had been healing my autoimmune diseases and cancer in Arizona. But during covid I got serious about healing. I started growing bacteria which is called fermenting. Every problem or issue you have in your body can be healed if you find the strain of bacteria that heals it. So I figured out my issues physically and I researched the kinds of bacteria I needed in order to heal these issues. Then I grew them. It was relatively simple and I healed. I healed before that but it was a lasting change when I started growing and consuming bacteria. I ate meat based but I ate carbs and tea that were fermented. I.loved fermented coconut milk, but it was expensive so I found cheap ways to grow the bacteria I needed. I had no clue what I was doing but it seemed logical based on all the medical research I read. Medical studies are one thing my Truman show does not censor. I can read real medical studies. Granted I dont always understand everything, but I get it eventually if it repeats in multiple studies. Repetition is how we learn. My brain is different but I still learn just like you all do.

So last night I was thinking about my life while in real estate and with a home. I figured if I grew bacteria I would be happy enough I would not just sit around and smoke pot and space off when I wasn’t working. Bacteria fascinates me and makes me happy. I believe God is in our gut bacteria just like he is in the universe. We just don’t have the words for it yet. I like things I cant explain but I can feel. My nervous system is hyperactive and so I can feel and hear many things you all can’t. My head surgery as a child was meant to handicap me. They did something to my ear drum and I can feel things you all cannot. This is how I was able to put together this puzzle. I can hear how your bodies respond to what I say when I broadcast. I can feel the world changing. Honestly after a couple years of hanging out and listening and watching the world change it gets kind of boring. I’m glad you all are catching on but it sure has been boring waiting for you all to catch up. Sometimes I wonder if you all will ever fully catch up. My whole life I have been waiting for people. No one can ever keep up. I sit and I wait and most of the time people give up. Haywood is the only person who has never given up. He understands more than most humans. Sure he cant talk, but he is more of a genius than most humans will ever be. And bacteria is the only thing I have ever found where I dont know if I can really keep up. There is so much to learn. And a lot of it is not even understood by the scientific community. I love figuring stuff out and there is so much stuff to figure out about bacteria and microbiomes and how we need to heal. I love a challenge.

So last night I was meditating thinking about growing bacteria. With the world the way it is we are a mess. Until we make great changes in the world we are never going to get healthy. Right now the earth has a c diff infection. The actual earth has a c diff infection. Farmers use manure to grow everything. But manure from animals raised conventionally has an overgrowth of c diff bacteria because we overfeed animals antibiotics. So the actual soil of the earth has an overgrowth of c diff bacteria spores. This means it’s in the air everywhere you go. Plus we all are poisoned so much that we don’t absorb calcium as we should so we excrete calcium in abundance. Calcium is what germinates c diff spores and actives them. So can you imagine what a shit storm we are in. The world is not going to change unless we change it. And it is really fucked up how intense the destruction has gotten. Every time you eat something grown in the soil whether it is an animal or a plant it has an overgrowth of antibiotic resistant bacteria. I’m sure c diff is not the only antibiotic resistant bacteria we are all swimming in every day. It’s just the only one I have found the name to. There are multiple others.

So you can imagine how much growing bacteria keeps my mind busy. There are so many factors that not anyone really understands fully. But last night the pieces of the puzzle came together for me finally on how to heal the earth. I’m going to oversimplify because I like simple explanations. What we need to do is ferment the earth and ferment humans especially females before they breed. That’s all we need to do to fix the mess the last 100 years of war have created. Once we are healthy everything else will fall into place. Humans are amazing creatures and we are operating so far below our capacity because we are sick as a species. Once we fix our health and the earth everything else will fall into place. The beauty is we have everything we need to fix the earth. We just have to do it. And it’s not even expensive. So I figured out how to fix the world and ferment the earth and humans last night and this morning. I was up all night being poisoned but I had so much fun last night figuring things out.

All I need to do is sell enough real estate to buy a farm in Oregon with good soil. Then I am going to start a worm farm and start fermenting the earth. Then I’m going to sell this fermented soil to the farmers and they are going to help me heal the earth and the humans. And I will create the retreat that I have been dreaming about since starting this revolution where I heal cancer, autoimmune diseases, and autism. These are all diseases of mitochondrial dysfunction. Which means they are epigenetic diseases. Which means they can be healed through changing our gut bacteria. Everything is simple. It just may not be super easy. It will take a lot of work, but I suppose I needed a project to look forward to.

So I figured out how to ferment the earth and the humans. So we can all have good lives again and better than ever. So when you all are ready to help me get to the next step of my life I am so ready to geek out and grow bacteria again. I am going to be a farmer just like my Dad brainwashed me to be as a child. I’m just going to farm bacteria and change the world. I cant explain how much this lights up my brain. I’m so excited. I love bacteria so much. I hope you all help me get to be this bacteria farmer I am meant and destined to be as soon as possible. Because once we start fermenting the earth the progress will be exponential. In 5 years we will be a better version of human more so than the early 1980s. Life is all about cultivating our good bugs. And I can fix what my family destroyed within a generation or less if everyone is willing to do their part.

Are you willing to help me fix the world? Because we all are apart of the collective microbiome we all share and live in. Everyone matters. Because we all are connected no matter how much we want to believe we are different. I’m so excited to change the world with you all.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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