Monday February 6th 2023 Moon in Virgo Sun In Aquarius Mad At The World

So I was mad at the world yesterday. And honestly I still am. Funny it’s a whole new spin on the saying mad at the world. I fasted yesterday and today I’m eating low sodium plain gluten free potato chips. Life is about balance. I went and picked out clothes for my work meeting on Wednesday today. And oh my gosh it is amazing how much better I look than the last time I was there. Alkaline poisons are no joke. They make me look like a beached whale. But today what I saw in the mirror gave me hope mixed with everything I realized about health yesterday.

I really didn’t want to talk to you all today, but your in my head so its really hard to do the silent treatment. I have been trying to reach the world my whole life. And I have been broadcasting since I was 8 years old. So now is really not the time to learn to not be chatty. I dont have anyone but you all and Haywood and my dead grandma Kudearoff to talk to. So I cant stay silent for long. I’m still mad at a lot of you. But I am going to talk. And me talking doesn’t mean I forgive you. It means I have reached new people who I need to talk to.

Salem and Berlin you all are amazing. I am so grateful for you all. Thank you for fighting this war for me when I really needed a time out. I have connected with the Korean leaders here on the west coast, but I never remembered to connect with the leaders in Korea. Thank you for giving me a line of communication with the people I needed to talk to the most. Salem you all never disappoint me. I cant say that for hardly anyone so thank you. Berlin I hope one day I can meet you all in person. Thank you for being you.

So who’s the fancy person in Korea who got almost everyone to know their place? Granted I still woke up super swollen from the poisons and my food was extra poisoned today. Last night at 1030/11pm when everyone gets their news update here in Oregon my Dad started throwing the biggest fit. He had cars driving by the cemetery all night keeping me up with poison. I stayed at the cemetery an extra night and fasted yesterday to process my emotions. I miss my dog Teka. She has been gone since July and I still feel incomplete without her. I dont know if you all understand this feeling. But I had promised her I would take care of her in her old age and I failed. I’m mad at the world but I’m mad at me too. If I had known or caught on to this all sooner I could have maybe saved my baby girl. I’m still mad and I still think the world is filled with children in adult bodies. There are no excuses for how you all act. No excuses whatsoever. One day you all will have to face yourselves and if I have anything to say about it, it will be soon.

Okay back to my point, my Dad was throwing a fit last night all night and kept me up. I had no clue what was happening. I was in my own little world. I knew it had to do with an order that was made last night because of the timing. And no one really outranks my Dad in the wargames but the Koreans. My Dad likes to believe he is the king. And thank God for us all that he is not. So as I sit here in the Walmart parking lot in Eugene Oregon on West 11th talking to myself and broadcasting to the world, I would like to pretend I just met my fairy godmother and I get to be rewarded for being such an amazingly revolutionary human against all odds. My life has been a horror movie so I’m turning it into a fairytale right here and now. This is when my whole world changes for ever and the evil step mother who is really my father becomes an issue of the past for me. I deserve a better life than this. I have worked so hard my whole life to stay alive with my humanity in tact and be a good person. I’m ready for someone to back me up and help me get the life I deserve that allows me to fulfill my destiny potential and birthrights. Which basically means I need to save the world. Can you imagine being faced with having to save the world when the world just killed one of the two souls who ever loved you. I’m pretty torn about the whole situation. Part of me wants to go Hilter on you all, but I have these God dam morals that keep me in line. You all should get some they really come in handy. I’m still mad at you all, but I understand my destiny is to teach you all better by example. So I have to be a good person to show you how it’s done. I hate it sometimes, but we dont get to pick our destiny.

Okay Korea, I dont know who you are. But I assume you are a guy and like a really big deal. I was never told or taught about the war games so to me you are just a human who is willing to help me create better and be revolutionary. Most people who have helped me are pretty big evils in the world. But you have to think about where I come from. My family is made of some of the biggest evils in the world. So you basically are family. Thank you for what you did for me. Today I got to walk my one dog left named Haywood in peace in the hills in Eugene. We found a new path and trail and had a great time. I really needed to clear my head before I talked to you. I have never met anyone who outranks me in the wargames. Do you know just how amazing it is to know someone out there can relate to having birthrights like these? Omg I cant wait to see what your experience has been like. I have been kidnapped over and over throughout my life and held hostage by different people looking to steal my power before I ever knew about it. Its been a hell of a ride let’s just say that. I assume you want to help me do better. Otherwise I dont think you would have called the troops off me. As I sit in here eating potato chips I know I probably should feel nervous about talking to you. But honestly I am just relieved. I wanted to give up so bad this weekend. I cant do this alone any longer. Today is day 678 of creating this revolution. I started out with just me and my two dogs. Now I have the world and one dog. Honestly if I could trade I would give up the world to have my dog back. But wishful thinking right? Got to make the best out of the cards we are dealt. I wonder how old you are. Are you old like my Dad or middle aged like me? I turn 42 in March. I started this revolution and war on March 30 2021 when I was 39. I have dreamed of finding someone who outranks my Dad this whole time. Funny I found out I outrank my Dad, but that didn’t seem to help me much. So thank God you exist. And thank God the world helped me find you. First I have to tell you that the farmers on the west coast are the reason I’m still alive. They have protected me the best anyone could for over a year now. The farmers in southern LA and Roseburg are like family to me. I’m hoping you can reward them in some way because by helping me stay alive they saved the world. No one was going to protect them from my Dad but they did it anyway. I didn’t even have to beg the farmers in southern LA like I did a lot of others. I was just a lady on a mission with a blog on the internet trying to change the world. I had no clue what my birthrights meant or that I had some. A lot of people helped me connect with you to have this conversation today. My Dad announced my death to the world years ago. Many people have helped me. But the ones who really put their neck on the line for me were the farmers. All the west coast farmers have helped me because I drove up and down the west coast looking for them. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew the farmers were part of the answer. Because my Dad had brainwashed me to marry a farmer and have 10 kids. But nothing ever came of it. He must of forgotten but I didn’t. See my Dad had a Korean man try to kill me last. He pretended to be my partner in life. He told me it was like destiny that we met. However when I got him a John Deer shirt and hat for Christmas he went white as a ghost. One day maybe you can help me take care of him. But I want him alive for now so he can see what I am capable of. A lot of people have tried to kill me. He was just the last man I ever gave a chance to. This revolution really started in 2017 when we broke up. I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore and he ran off with a good chunk of my savings. I definitely have some grievances about a lot of things. But I would rather create better for us all than focus on revenge. Sure I’m human and I really want revenge. But if I’m busy getting better and potential I should be happy enough I can live without it. You and me have so many things to discuss. I’m super intrigued with the genetic modifications Koreans have. You have created a super human race. Your people have Aspergers and dyslexia. They are logical geniuses and creative. It is amazing to see. Its literally potential. But I wonder if they are happy? Potential is important but quality of life is important too. One day we have to sit down and chit chat. I have so much to say and so many questions. But for tonight I am going to give you the laundry list of what I need to fulfill this revolution and my birthrights. I need a ton of help if I’m going to pull this off all the way. So let me make a list in no certain order and I’m sure I will forget a lot of things.

1. I really need clean food and water. I get food and water at Walmart in Eugene Oregon on west 11th Avenue and at Fred Meyers on west 11th Avenue. I need clean meat. In order to stay alive I have been eating raw beef and liver. Raw meat bypasses my intestines so it doesn’t feed my c diff infection as much. I’m alive because I am smart, but I am alive because I am willing to do a lot of things most people will never do. Clean food and water is really important. My food today was so poisoned I got the shits really bad. I returned some of the meats I bought today because they were so poisoned. My Dad is trying to starve us all. The whole country needs clean food. My Dad’s cult has taken over the grocery stores and they are trying to kill us and hold us hostage. Its really unnecessary because they are killing themselves and their families too. My Dad’s cult members are really weird. I still dont understand them and I never will I think.

2. I have fought tooth and nail to get my Oregon real estate license. I passed the test a couple weeks ago. I was a realtor in Arizona at the death camp my Dad intended for me to die in. I need a career to establish myself in the overt world. I have been kept from success my whole life. It’s my turn to have a good life and get to do the ordinary things in life like work. I have a meeting with Windermere realty this week. They are a business based out of Washington. I dont know how much you know about the war games politics here in the United states, but Washington is a group and region my Dad has been working on conquering since he married my Mom in the late 1970s. The enemy of my enemy is my ally. I want to work with them because they have the most to gain from my success. I am meeting with the owner of the Eugene branch this week. I think his name is Elliot. I would like him to go out of his way to not only be kind, but to make this transition into Oregon real estate as easy as possible. I am good at what I do. I just need to be treated fairly.

Also, I am going to need your help with protecting the people who decide to do business with me. My Dad has always gone out of his way to tell people not to buy what I am selling. Real estate is no different. Not only are you going to need to protect my customers but you are going to have to offer people privilege to work with me. My Dad scares people. He is a bully. Anyway he can make me fail, he will. The easiest way is for him to tell people not to do business with me. I would appreciate if you would tell people they are obligated to treat me fairly and give me a chance. And that you will protect them from my Dad. People need help doing the right thing because they are not used to it. It’s sad, but it is what the world my Dad created is like. So real estate is really important to me. I need to make money and have a career with security. I deserve to earn my place in the world. Working is really important to me. I have fought this revolution to be able to do what I am good at.

3. I have a killer c diff infection. My dad does everything in his power to make it worse. Right now the water I have has a chemical that grows my c diff. It’s pretty unpleasant. I ordered some supplies off Amazon to help me fight my c diff infection. Currently my package is being held hostage in Salt lake city. Its amazing how often my packages go all over the country before they actually get delivered to me. I need these supplies to arrive without poison. My Dad gets everyone to poison everything I buy or order. I really needs these herbs and medicines to be clean so I can cleanse my body. Health is important to me and my family has stolen my health my whole life. I would like this chapter of my life to be over. I need clean food and herbs and vitamins so I can undo the damage that has been done to me.

4. Everywhere I go people poison me. I need them to stop. My whole life I have lived in a Truman show. You know the movie with Jim Carry? That has been my life and the people who fake smile and play roles in my life also attempt my murder everyday by trying to get my organs to fail. My heart, liver, and kidneys are not doing great. I need to fast so they can heal. Yesterday was helpful but I need to do another 12 days this month to allow my body to heal. Honestly I dont know if I can do it. But I’m going to try one day at a time. Alternate day fasting is not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s not about vanity and loosing weight, it’s about getting my organs to heal so I can survive. I would like to see revolutionary people in my daily life. Currently I only see people who sign up to destroy me and attempt my murder. It has been like this for almost 42 years. Can I experience the real world please? No more of the fake reality my Dad creates for me. I really just want to be an ordinary person in my life in Eugene. At night when I’m home I can talk to the world and we can change the world together. But in my ordinary life I just want to be a regular person who sells real estate. I dont need or want to be fancy. I just want to be me.

5. I need a home. I ran away from my apartment in Sierra Vista Arizona because my Dad had created a death camp around me. That is how I started this revolution. My Dad has built these death camps around me my whole life. I really need a home so I can stay safe and warm. I have lived in my jeep wrangler for almost 2 years now. I never thought I would live in a car like this for this long. I need a home. I dont know how you can help me with this. But it’s my fairy godmother list so I’m  writing it on the list. Once I sell real estate I should be able to get myself a home but I need help keeping it safe and me safe in it. People have signed up to kill me my whole life. I would really like this chapter of my life to end. I have never had a home that wasn’t designed to kill me and make me chronically ill. I have never had a bed not poisoned. My whole life I thought I had crippling anxiety, but really my family and the people who said they loved me were poisoning me. I deserve a safe clean home.

6. I need a man with 3 children who are grown and old enough to understand what they are singing up for to marry me. I dont want to have children, but my birthrights need to be passed on to some people who will do the right thing. I would love to have grandchildren. I may want to have a child of my own later in life. But not now. However I do need to marry to ensure the world is protected from my family after I’m gone. And I need this man to not kill me. The only person who ever asked me to marry him came very close to ending this revolution before it ever started. I do not believe in romantic love. But I believe in creating a family structure that will change the world. I would like these kids and there father to make time to have Sunday dinner with me every week. I would like it if we all lived on the same property in different houses. I want to know these people and I want to teach them the thing I know and understand about the world that have lead me to this revolution. I believe in humanity. I need to teach them my beliefs. They need to understand who I am because they will forever represent me. I need you to help me choose my children who will change the world. I would like their father to be one of my best friends. We will respect each other. But no one will ever hold me hostage or tell me what to do again. I am my own boss. However I respect everyone’s input. I have been dominated my whole life. It’s my turn to be in charge of me. And that means I’m in charge of my birthrights too. I get to say how and when they are used. So I need your help choosing my children because they need to be a check and balance in this world that keeps us all safe. You are pretty powerful, but so am I? Do you have kids? How did you ever prepare them for this? It’s a lot to say the least.

7. I park most nights in a church parking lot on w. 18th ave in Eugene. It’s a mormon church. Every day and night people poison me there and everywhere I am. I often wake up with swollen eyes and sometimes like this morning my left hand swells because my heart is failing. I need this to stop so I can heal and live long enough to change the world. When people poison me they are trying to kill me but they dont seem to understand that this is wrong and treason. I really need help with this one. My Dad has had people trying to kill me my whole life. I really need it to stop.

8. I need new clothes and to be able to wash my clothes. My Dad poisons the water at the laundry matt and has people there who poison me. When I shop for clothes people poison me. When I go take a shower people poison me. And my Dad does something to to water to make it too alkaline. Can we have clean water please? I really need clean water and to be able to shower in peace. I need the people at the gym to stop poisoning me so I can workout and get healthy. And so I can tan and use the red light machine to fix my mitochondria. I need to focus on my health. I used the Korean bathhouse in las Vegas. Bathing is important to my health.

9. I am constantly broadcasting. I can’t turn it off. You all are in my head. Wherever I go I read license plates and addresses of people fighting this war for my Dad. I need you to get someone to listen in so these people can be held accountable for their war crimes. People wont do the right thing unless they are being watched. My Dad has taught people to disregard loyalty in every sense of the word. It’s sad, but people cannot be trusted to do the right thing on their own. Please watch out for me so I can be safe. Everyday people try to kill me. I have lived like this my whole life. I have never poisoned anyone. I was not taught about the war games. I was never taught to defend myself. I need someone to help me stay safe long enough to change the world. No one else can take my Dad and Brother out of their power but me. The girl.who was never taught to defend herself because she was born to change the world.

10. I need some friends and people to talk to. My whole life I have been surrounded by my Dad’s cult members. And they tried to.kill me. I just want some people to talk to who want good for me and themselves. I have created a huge network of people in the covert world, but I need someone who can talk back to me. One day I will create a way for you all to talk back but for now I just need to do it the old fashioned way and have some friends. I have never really had friends. I suppose if you let people know it’s okay to be my friend that would probably be the first step in me finding them.

11. I just want an ordinary regular life where I work and have a home and eat clean food and drink clean water and breath clean air. I never have wanted to be fancy. I just want to be me. I really like me. And I want to be able to adopt more senior dogs and know they wont be kidnapped and killed like Teka. I need to know I’m safe to use my heart without it being used as a weapon against me. I deserve to love and be loved. I have fought my whole life for love. I don’t want to fight anymore. I deserve love.

Okay that is my laundry list of things off the top.of my head. I want a home so I can make some rice and Russian food. I have been eating raw beef and plain low sodium gluten free potato chips and ice cream to stay alive for almost 2 years now. I really need some rice and potatoes. I would love one more thing. If I could eat out without people poisoning my food that would make life a lot easier while I am working on getting a home. Warm food would be really nice. Every time I try to eat food someone else touches I get really sick and my organs fail. I love bean and cheese burritos, but the Hispanic people try to kill me every time even though I’m fight for them to not have to die. It’s really confusing. But I just want a good bean and cheese burrito. That would make life better right now. I’m not going to give up raw meat, but once in awhile warm food would be good.

So Mr. Korea it has been a pleasure to meet you. I assume you are a man, but maybe you are a woman and you can relate to me even more. I’m not sure who you are, but I hope to one day very soon find out. Thank you for being you. I look forward to our friendship and calling you family. Thank you for saving my life.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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