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Dear Farmers

When you all signed up to work with my Dad in the 1980s, did you think you were going to farm humans? Is that how you viewed it and rationalized what you were doing? I grew up feeling like a farm animal. My Dad has been farming humans since he joined the military. The Kudearoffs are a breed my Dad farmed and cultivated to fit his needs. He even creates genetic modifications in humans to fit his needs. My genetic modifications ended up to be what dammed me. My modifications were so extremely not in line with what my Dad wanted that he cut off the world from the symbolic inheritance systems, logical thinking, and being book smart. Dyslexia makes people creative but it is a handicap in a lot of ways too. Especially when you did not realize you needed to work and focus on your logical thought process because it was your weakness. My whole life people told me I was creative. So my whole life I have tried to be creative. I am not great at it, but I’m good at some things. Because I have found there is often an equation involved in creativity. Which is probably not creative to look at it that way. But it is true. Creating things has an equation. I suppose this means creating logical thoughts can be creative too. So maybe if you all approach logic with a creative perspective you can find a way to make it work for you all like I did for creativity.

I’m not the only one who feels like a farm animal. I know a lot of women feel like I do. They just never said the things i bluntly say. Women in the war games are expected to breed to prove their worth. That pretty much sums up a farm animal. Men also have kids, but it’s not the same for them. Thry can spend a night somewhere and be off the hook for the rest of their life by just sending money. Some dont even do that. I am not the only one who felt like a farm animal.

I bet if the farmers look back to how they were raised they felt like farm animals too. It seems the only way to escape being a farm animal is to become the farmer. Everyone has kids to escape the feeling of being a farm animal. Because then they get to be the farmer to their kids who they make feel like farm. Animals.

I am not into shame. I’m into learning from our mistakes and creating change. I want you all to remember what it felt like to be treated like a farm animal. And anytime you catch yourself treating someone else like that see your actions for what they are. People are human. We are not farm animals that need a farmer to play God for us. You are not God. No matter what your birthrights are, you are not God. No matter your occupation, you are not God. Practice being human because if we all practice than we will treat each other better. We are not animals and humans will never be God.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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