Monday Labor Day September 5th 2022 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo Sunday Church On Monday

Monday Labor Day September 5th 2022 Moon in Capricorn Sun in Virgo Sunday Church On Monday

I went and spent a couple days out at my Grandma Kudearoff’s grave. I forgot about Sunday church. The poisons have been bad, but also I was just in my own little world. I didn’t plan anything to say really, but let’s just do a few of my rambles and see where they take us. I do have a few realizations I would like to share.

So you remember how you have a civilization in your gut bugs. The civilization runs and feeds off proteins and the tourists run and feed off carbs. And you remember how the systems, immunizations, and baby formula/foods set you up to have a self destruct button in your civilization gut bugs. Well, today I realized that our implanted self destruct button interferes with insulin sensitivity and processing carbs correctly. It’s gets better and there is more let me explain.

So when I went from being vegetarian to being meat based I was unable to process insulin correctly even though I was not eating sugar at all and very few carbs. As time went on it got worse and worse. It made no sense. But your gut bacteria is what dictates how insulin sensitive you are. Diabetes and all other autoimmune diseases are really just an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your body. All disease starts in your gut. Recently I started eating junk food to get my calories in and it’s not just a little junk food. It’s a lot of junk food. I eat about 3000 calories of cookie, ice cream, and low sodium potato chips every other day. It’s the most junk food I have eaten probably ever on a regular basis. I’m not sure I will continue this, but for right now it’s working. It has very little dietary fiber and most of that fiber comes from resistant starch from the potatoes. This feeds my gut bugs that produce butyrate which helps with inflammation and healing pretty much everything. Until today I thought I was keeping my colon pretty clear of protein. However, even though I eat raw steak to bypass my colon, i am still getting 50grams of protein from the junk food. If i switched to a different kind of ice cream from butter pecan it would probably go down a bit. Never mind i googled, it would only bring the protein down a handful of grams. This is why vegetarians get enough protein without even trying. I dont know how much we really need, but I do know my gut bugs feel so much better when I eat as minimal protein as possible that goes through my intestines and colon. Raw meat is awesome. But the less protein I feed my colon intestines and gut bug civilization the more I am regulating my insulin levels better. There is no real good logical explanation other than this. Because I am eating ounces of sugar every time I eat.
Now take into account that the immunization requirements changed in 1990/1991. My Brothers generation is even less able to regulate their insulin levels because they are required to have more immunizations. This is another reason why they are a subhuman species. The less effectively you process insulin the less nutrition you absorb from your food. The more malnutrished you are the more susceptible to brain washing and suggestion you are. The less effectively you process insulin the more you are addicted to your emotions. By the time my Brother was born my Dad knew I was unable to be controlled with the gut bugs he created even though they starved me and gave me a killer c diff infection. So he upped the anity with my brother generation. And this doesn’t even take into account all the environmental epigenetic triggers that cause us to process insulin maladaptively.

So when we look at the melineals aka the 90s kids and we compare them to the 1980s kids we see how much damage can be done with just a few shots and epigenetic triggers. I can only imagine what the covid shots did to everyone. Now do you understand why it was a series of shots and not just one? Kind of scary, well not kind of really scary.

So eating protein again is scary because 50grams on my eating days is a lot. My body definitely needs the fasting day afterwards to regulate my gut bacteria. For now this seems to be working. I do get bloated and have gas after I eat but I am eating a lot of junk food. After my fasting day I’m back to skinny, but I can tell I’m eating more fat than I need because my skin is loose and I retain water around my core. My heart is reacting to all the fat, but they have been poisoning me a lot too. So I’m doing good with just eating every other day. I have gained a few pounds back, but I needed that. We are not meant to eat a high fat diet. I enjoy eating a moderate amount of fat. However, I’m liking eating high carb. My body does well on carbs when my gut bacteria is in check. It has been about since mid July since I ate protein and that seemed to be a good amount of time especially with 22 days fasted in August and 10 days fasted in July. Life and health is all about your gut bugs and microbiome. My brothers generation needs to fast to regulate their bugs. They are the first generation that was born with a shorter life span then their parents. Why dont we ever talk about this in society? I swear people are so quick to talk about the weather but they never want to talk about the important things.
Not eating fiber is the biggest thing for me. Fiber grows C Diff and I’m pretty sure it grows both your civilization and your tourist gut bugs. Fiber kills my intestines. I can handle some of it, if it’s from the right sources. But most of it kills me. I can handle gluten, but whole wheat is crazy awful. Gluten feeds c diff and irritates people with autism. If you have a child with Autism which you all do if you have children, cut out dairy and gluten and they will behave better because they won’t have as much pain in their intestines and guts. We all have more nerves in our intestines than we have in the rest of our bodies. Your gut tells your brain what to do. If your gut is inflamed that message will not be relayed as easily or correctly.

I dont know how to stop protein from getting into your intestines and colon without fasting or just eating raw meat. But I encourage you all to do some form of protein sparing. Earlier this year I ate organic yogurt and it made my stomach feel so much worse than ice cream that’s cheap and has bioengineered ingredients. So we really have to rethink everything. Yogurt has more protein than ice cream. That’s the only real difference I could think of.

Do you know what’s in the middle of Oreos? Its palm oil aka saturated fats. I had thought saturated fats were okay because I ate them when I was meat based and healing my leaky gut autoimmune diseases and cancer. However, I no longer think we are designed to eat much saturated fats. I think if you are sick and need to heal your gut so it stops leaking you should do whatever you need to in order to heal it. However, carnivore keto and being meat based are just a band aide on a broken bone unless you fix the underlying problems. I love meat now, mostly just raw meat, but I dont see myself giving it up any time soon. However if the poisons stop and I got more of an ordinary life I would definitely cut back on my meat consumption. Getting to eat rice has been a dream of mine since like 2017. One day I’m going to eat rice. My body can handle it now, but I just have to wait till I can cook it for myself so I dont get overly poisoned. There is a reason for blue zones and people who eat a balanced diet living a long time. However we have to take into account our genetic modifications and the motives of the systems to make us lesser than and dependent on the medical system. Even my Brother takes pharmaceutical drugs to help him digest his food. My mom has been on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals since a little after my brother was born. I was on anxiety pills for the majority of my adult life. My Dad and the systems do this because it makes us small and manageable. When we depend on a drug to have a decent quality of life we will forever be controllable and manageable. You can heal yourself just like I have. It’s a never ending process in the current systems we live in. Health is forever going to be a journey. You are never done being healthy, it’s something you will forever have to work at. That doesn’t mean you are broken it means you are constantly evolving. What works for you now, will not always work for you. Your gut bugs are constantly changing and they require your support.
However, the biggest part of this ramble I need to stress to you all is that we need to help my brothers generation and the generations that have followed to find health and heal. They have never known what it feels like to feel good. They have never woken up not in pain. They have never known potential. They are the future and we need to help them heal. They deserve so much more than what they were dealt. Diet is the most important step. They need to fast and eat less protein and less chicken and pork big time. Chicken and pork are acts of destruction. I had not eaten pork until being at my moms house last year besides in Arizona a bit. Pork was the one meat my mom would allow me to eat when I was little. She didn’t let me have things to be nourished. She only fed me destruction. Pork is riddled with omega 6s and c diff. I ate a pork chop last year and my intestines bleed. Gross I know. But pork is the only thing that has ever done this to me before. It was scary. When you eat bacon you are endangering your insides. It’s hard to give up because its addictive. But there are so many other things that we can become addicted to that make us better humans instead of lesser than.

I’m high and rambling and everything is glowing so excuse my lack of focus. But I need you all to help the 90s kids find health by cooking them foods low in protein and low in fiber. Resistant starches are good but keep them low. FODMAPS are important. Low fodmap foods especially veggies are great because they dont feed your gut bacteria and right now we all have an overgrowth of bad gut bugs. They literally are meant to kill us and make us live in disease, depression, and anxiety. Please start skipping breakfast. Start cutting out chicken and pork. Eat more beef. If you can stomach it, eat raw beef. You will be shocked how amazing you feel afterwards. Its literally a rush of nutrition. I have never found a food that makes me feel as good as raw beef. Fermented foods come close. But if you have leaky gut ferments will make you have a histamine response. So heal your gut. The 90s kids need to heal their gut. I’m pretty sure formula nowadays creates leaky gut and most of us never recover from it. I was never able to fully recover until this adventure and being forced to not only fast but eat raw meat and not much else due to the poison. The most revolutionary thing we can do is heal our guts. My gut is so healed I rarely notice when I get a flea bite anymore. My histamine response is so low I dont notice it itching until I get really poisoned then I feel act up again. Are you that person who swells up huge with any bug bite? That’s your gut. Do you have anxiety or depression? That’s partially your gut, but its also the amygdala damage we are all designed to have. Heal your gut I swear it will help. Any kind of dis ease you have will improve if you heal your gut. You deserve to feel good. You deserve happiness. Your birthright is to be a happy and healthy person even when you wake up. We all need to take raw garlic because when we have leaky gut parasites leak into our bodies. Parasites are linked to everything. There is even a parasite linked to bad driving. There is a parasite linked to mental health conditions. Do you have a cat? Cats carry the parasite linked to mental health issues. Did your grandmother or mother ever touch a cat? You may have been born with this parasite. Have you ever fasted for a prolonged time period or done a parasite cleanse? If you haven’t you dont even understand how good you are supposed to feel.

I’m rambling, but I’m starting to realize the middle men have not heard all the things I have figured out about health and how much we are set up to fail. They pride themselves on taking part in the destruction but they dont understand the whole story. Or maybe a lot of them are just too sick to want better for anyone including themselves. Health is not some unobtainable thing. Its something within reach, but it takes conscious efforts and trying a lot of different things because we aren’t all the same. And we all have different bodies and kinds of disease. You are an individual and so is your mind, body, and soul. You just have to learn to listen to them. They are constantly talking to you. You just have to learn their languages.

So tomorrow I have an interview thing set up with a temp company. Fingers crossed I will finally be getting a job. Sure, maybe the insurance lady from last week will call back, but we all know that’s highly unlikely. So fingers crossed I get this call center position. It’s not going to be great money and they will try to destroy me. But it’s a job. It starts at 6am but that means I get off at 2pm so I can look for another job if I want. When I lived in Sierra Vista I worked at a group home at 6am in the mornings and went to real estate school at the same time. I can do this because all I have to do now is work, talk to you all, and take care of myself and Haywood. I cant say I’m excited to start working again, but I can say I’m excited for forward movement and to see what the future holds for us all. I’m ready for my overt life to get better. It’s been a really hard life, but especially since 2017 its been a war zone. However I have healed and I keep healing. And I want you all to know what it feels like to overcome. Because without overcoming so much I probably would have given up. We all need to experience our own power to understand the magic we all possess. I’m not special. You all are just like me. You all have the power to overcome. You just need to prove it to yourself. Seeing it is believing. sometimes it takes seeing it in order to believe it. Are you ready to prove to yourself you are powerful? Because you have what it takes, you were just never supposed to know you have what it takes. You are the answer you have been searching for.

Love Always
Nicole D Graves

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