Monday March 13th 2023 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Pisces… A Message To The French Canadian Leaders ..War Games and Cult Divide

Good morning. I googled and it is 630am in Nova Scotia. I think that is where the French Canadian guy is. Every group has a guy. Sometimes that guy is actually a lady, but you get what I mean. I’m the Argentinian guy. However the Hispanic Argentinian guy lives in southern LA. The Danish guy lives in Michigan probably Detroit. The Superior white people guy from the north lives in Minnesota and the one from the south lives in Austin. You know where they all are, but you get what I mean.

So you all can hear me because I have a chip in my head and broadcast. It’s pretty intense. I had head surgery when I was 8 and it was implanted. I didn’t find out about it until this revolution. But it has saved my life and the world so I have come to terms with it. However it allows for my Dad to play thought police in my head just like in the book 1984. So when I have a thought he doesn’t like he sends more people to poison me.

Well he has sent people to poison me and keep me up all night so I figured I should talk to you all about this now rather than trying to wait for the morning. See we all have been in your shoes and where you are now. We too were surrounded by my Dad’s cult members and they were sabotaging our efforts and systems. However, the good news is we all found a way to get them to stop. So once again there is hope.

I was thinking about just how many people from the east coast my Dad has turned into his cult members. He seems to have all of Maryland. It’s a small state but still. My Dad doesn’t even go to Maryland. So I suppose he has people from his military cult or professional cult doing recruiting there. I am sure it’s like this worldwide. But we figured out how to stop it.

So when I first connected with everyone in the war games, it was a mess. The war games are apart of my birthrights. I literally am the leader and my Dad had them hunting me and trying to kill me. It was awful. So I have been in your shoes. See my uncle Dave was the one in charge of the war games armies. But my uncle Dave has been in my Dad’s cult for almost 50 years. And no one in my Dad’s cult is loyal to where they come from or follows the rules. So I explained to everyone that we can’t allow people to play both sides and not be loyal to the systems that give them power. My Dad has turned the people in places of power into his cult members because then they will always do what he wants. These people dont follow rules and they use their places of power to conduct cult activities. You can’t be assigned a place of power in a system but then break the rules to that system to follow a false God and do his bidding. My Dad’s cult members will always do what he desires. He has a great hold on them. It’s really weird.

So what we did is remove everyone from places of power who are in my Dad’s cult. It seems extreme but they will never act in the best interest of the system. They will only act in the best interest of my Dad and themselves. These people kill people to steal their birthrights. And if you have not heard I made that illegal and out of bounds. Everyone dies with the same birthrights they are born with. If they want to be more they need to work on themselves and earn it with potential and loyalty. Also, mafia members dont have to get married and have kids at 24 to get their power. Everyone gets their power at 24. We dont need to fill the world with unwanted children.

So anyways that was the secret sauce that worked for us all. I shared this with the east and the south and it worked for them too. It seems harsh, but giving people places of power who are loyal to the systems that give them power was the only logical solution to preserving the systems our birthrights make our duty to protect. No one should be allowed to rewrite the systems to fit their own agenda like my Dad. It’s not in anyone’s best interest but his. Absolute power corrupts absolutely you know.

Okay I’m going to try to go to sleep. I will read this again in the morning just in case. Stay safe up there. Cult wars are a bitch to deal with, but they fade fast once you take away their power. People are not as arrogant when they have to account for where they put their loyalties. Accountability is always the answer.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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