Monday March 13th 2023 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Pisces Bikers and southern LA farmers

What a day what a day! Last order of business before I try to get some sleep tonight. I have an interview at equinox realty tomorrow so I’m sure they will poison me and keep me up all night. But resting always helps even if sleep isnt involved.

I realized and figured so much out last night. It’s so weird to have this much control and duty and responsibility towards the whole world. Everyone else in my family only thinks about destruction and themselves. Dont get me wrong I want a good life too. But I want us all to have good lives together. We have a world of resources and everything we need to make this happen. We just have to play the chess game right and put the puzzle pieces together in the correct order. It’s really complex and yet simple. But I hope I get to take tomorrow off to work on my life in the overt world. Phase 2 is about establishing everyone in the overt world and that means me too.

Bikers I saw today what amazing lengths you all went to and I am so pleased. To my #2s I know you all did your part too. I appreciate everyone. However the bikers have more than earned their place in my family. And you all have more than earned your access to my Mexican friends products. Of course I would like to establish some rules. No poisoning the drugs. We dont need to hurt or kill people for wanting to get high. We all are human. All the biker gangs or groups have access as long as they are being revolutionary. So I need you all to work together and be fair to each other. I dont know how biker groups or gangs work, but I got Russia and China to work together so I think you all can do it too. Because it’s in our greatest interest. We all deserve better and we get that better quicker when we work together. So be good to each other.

Phase 2 applies to you all too. Until you have a place in the overt world people will always take advantage of you. So you need to use this opportunity to create that place you deserve in the overt world. This means establishing businesses. I don’t care if you open biker bars as long as they make good profits and provide you with a place to wash your dirty money. I would like if you all could open some businesses outside city limits. We all need to create more opportunities for the people outside city limits. I would appreciate that greatly. But figure out what works for you all and do it. Maybe tattoo shops maybe bike repair shops, do what you enjoy and are good at. But just create a place in the overt world for yourselves. Your children will have better lives with this kind of security. Eventually I hope to make the Mexican products icing on the cake for all of us. We all need our places in the overt world we have been overlooked and pushed aside for too long. Until you figure out what your business is going to be consider investing in the stockmarket with your proceeds. This is a great time to invest in the stock market. But the goal of this endeavor is to free yourselves from being put in this subservient position. I am in the same position in the overt world. We deserve better than this. So I’m asking you to think differently and do better. We all deserve better but we have to get it for ourselves.

The farmers in southern LA will connect you with the people who will help you get the Mexican products. Be good to the farmers and always come bearing a gift. They deserve good things too. Treat them well because they represent me and they are my family just like you all are becoming. We all have to do better together. So dream big and manifest those dreams. Okay? You hear me? I want better not only for you but for your children. You are building a legacy. Do good.

Southern LA farmers, I finally realized last night you all are Hispanic and not Argentinians. I dont love you all any less or appreciate you any less because of this. But it made me sad because I thought when I found you all I found a part of myself. And I did but it just wasn’t the part of myself I thought I had found. So I want to thank you all for being so strong. You all are my rock and the guy. I cant really imagine what this revolution would be like if I hadn’t found you all. I’m so grateful to have you all in my life. Before us war games people came to the United states it was mostly you all and the French Canadians. I wonder what that was like. I knew a man in his 90s when I was in Arizona who grew up on the border. He had amazing stories and a fancy brain. One day I want to hear you all’s stories. I am going to have those bbq’s and get togethers. This may be the war games but it’s my regular ordinary life. So we are going to be regular ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Thank you for being larger than life to me and the world. We all appreciate you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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