Monday March 13th 2023 Moon in Sagittarius Sun in Pisces Leaders of the Ethnic People in The North

Okay everyone I need to speak to the leaders who are in charge of the ethnic people from the north. My food was still poisoned today and it was ethnic day at Walmart. I’m not supposed to be eating today, but I’m human too. I need to talk to the leaders in the north who are in charge of the ethnic people. Because today they are the ones hunting me and fighting this war for my Dad. I will eat my lunch while you all get them tuned in and up to speed. Thank you.

Hello everyone, Thank you for tuning in and for your patience while I finished lunch. Want to know what I had? I shared a pound of 93% ground beef and great value brand ritz crackers with my dog. Also I had a vitamin water slurpee from 711 because the water I get makes my organs fail. I eat this same meal most of my eating days but I cant eat every day like most people because my food is so poisoned if I eat every day my organs fail. Last month I did 14 fasting days. This month I am slacking and have only done 4 fasted days. If I don’t get my ass in gear my organs are going to fail. Do you know what it’s like to deny your basic human needs to just survive? I also do a lot of dry fasting where I don’t even drink water. That is really hard, but the benefits are amazing. I know about these things and how to do these things because of who I am and who my family is. I started eating one meal a day in my late teens or early twenties. I knew I couldn’t eat like other people. I just didn’t understand why. Now that I know it doesn’t make it easier. It just makes me realize most humans dont have to live like this.

I would like to tell you all the story of how I escaped my Dad and Oregon years ago. See there were two ethnic men from the north that helped me escape by trying to enslave me for themselves. One was a black French Canadian man and one was a Korean from Maryland. They had intentions of getting me to breed with them and or marry them. But I did neither with either of them. I had a wedding ceremony with the Korean, but he could never convince me to sign the marriage papers. When we were first together I would spend a lot of time just laying in bed smoking pot and playing on my phone. He would ask me why I didn’t want to go out and do things while he was at work. And I told him I had had a really tough life and the little things really make me happy. I just wanted to relax and read Google and play on my phone. He looked at me with such terror when I said this because he finally was starting to understand what he had gotten himself into.

See my great grandpa Hitler created world war 2. My Dad has already created covert world war 3. And my Dad is going after all ethnic people and groups instead of just the Jewish people. My Dad may not like the Jewish people, but honestly I dont know who he does likes. However, he has created a covert genocide to kill all ethnic people and it’s using food. How long can you go without eating? I have never made it past 21 days without food. Food is something we all need. Human needs are a bitch sometimes because they make us vulnerable when they are used against us. The funny part is I am my fathers daughter and I’m an ethnic person. I was created to help my Dad conquer the east. My Dad himself was born to conquer the south. So here I am a lady with birthrights that give me a lot if not absolutely power over the west, the east, and the south and my Dad is using the ethnic people from the north to hurt me and attempt my murder. Did you all ever consider there was probably a good reason why my Dad was seeking you all out? He normally prefers white people. Or at least French Canadians. Why would he seek you all out? It’s because I have sold the rest of the world on being revolutionary. I am getting better for us all. Even the people in the north have joined us. I am really hoping you all are the last group I have to persuade not to fight for your own genocide. Do you all want to die painfully like the Jewish people in world war 2? Except in the covert world war 3 my Dad has created your body as your concentration camp. You get to experience pain all the time and most people never figure out how to escape. How long can you go without food? How about water? I have to tell you from experience it gets old to have to deny your human needs for a lifetime. It never gets easier. Sure you get used to it but humans can be conditioned to get used to anything. Look at all the people who are serial killers but view themselves as normal ordinary people. Conditioning can do amazing things to a person’s brain and sense of normalcy.

I have a chip in my head. My Dad killed two of his wives. My mom has been held hostage in her own house for over four decades. My brother has been kept small and lived in my old bedroom at my mom’s for over 3 decades of his life. He has never read a full book because he has dyslexia so bad. These are just the things my Dad does to people he says he loves. I am not sure how my Dad treats his enemies because I am his family and I feel like his enemy. My whole life has been stolen from me. And you all are signing up to kill me because I want to save you and I have stood up to my Dad. No one has ever stood up to my Dad. I’m the only one with birthrights that allow me to even try. I have the birthrights my Dad pretends to have. Basically it’s my job to save the world. If any of you want to trade spots I would gladly hand over the keys to my jeep where I live and my credit card debt. You can have my extraordinary birthrights and life if I can have your normal ordinary life. This imaginary game we all play has cost me everything. I dont want to play this game anymore. But you all are signing up to prolong my pain. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be after almost 2 years of creating a revolution after escaping a death camp where you were supposed to die? It’s rough.

So I’m hoping you all can not only just call your people out of this war against me, but you can be grateful that I am fighting for you too. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would do everything in your power to speed this revolution along. I understand you probably didn’t get the memo or news till last minute. But if you can be quick to control your people I would greatly appreciate it. Currently my Dad is poisoning me and the cities of Eugene/Springfield with a poison that not only causes us to be cold. But this poison causes us to live in fear because it causes brain damage. I am sure he uses this poison on you all, but you all have the north to protect you. The people here only have me. I’m trying my hardest and I would appreciate if you would join me in being revolutionary. We all deserve better than this. And that means you deserve better too. I’m fighting this revolution for you too. Thank you.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves.

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