Monday March 20th 2023 Moon in Pisces Sun in Aries A Message to The People of Argentina

Good morning everyone.  I need to speak to the people of Argentina. The regular ordinary people, the   leaders there that are not my family, the fancy families, and especially the people who hunt my family there. I need to speak with everyone in Argentina. I am going to give you all a few moments to get them all tuned in.

Hello Argentina, hope you all are having a good afternoon. My name is Nicole D. Graves. I am not sure what you all have heard about me, but you all know my father and grandfather. And you all seem to be hunting my family in Argentina. I would like to tell you all about myself and why hunting my family in Argentina is not the right move for you all.

I was born in 1981 in Oregon. My parents created me to bring the east and west together. My Mom is Chinese and Russian. See after world war 2 the fancy soldiers from Russia who were looking for a place to escape to in order to not be held accountable for their war crimes fled to China. China was used just like Argentina. So my Mom’s family is from the fancy families in Russia and the fancy family in China they conquered while there. And then you all know about my Dad’s family and how my Grandpa Graves was used to conquer you all and steal your power. So I am the product of these families who use love as a weapon to conquer people. I have the most fancy birthrights in the world I think. I have yet to find anyone who outranks me. I even outrank my Dad.

However, I was never told about the war games, or my families, or who I am because I have Asperger’s genius and my family could never break me or convince me that destruction was right or normal or necessary. You can hear me right now because my Dad had a chip implanted into my head when I was 8 years old. He wanted to see my logical thoughts and why he was not able to break me. However, even with this window into my thoughts he still could not break me. This chip allows me to broadcast and here I am talking to you all because I have convinced the world to be revolutionary.

Two years ago, I escaped the death camp in Southern Arizona where I was supposed to die. I am sure many of you all who knew I existed thought I was dead. I am not dead. However, everyday multiple people attempt my murder. I have been experiencing daily attempted murder for over three decades. I am the only person on earth who wants better for everyone. And I am the only person standing in between my Dad destroying the world even more than he already has. This means I am the only person who will stand up for you all. I am the only person who has the power to get better for you all. And you all are trying to kill my family in Argentina.

Let me explain why that is not a good idea. I have a few reasons. So no one up here will help me in my overt life. The world will help me in the covert world. Me talking to you right now is proof they will go to amazing lengths to help me every day. However in the overt world, I am alone. I have been alone most of my life because I have been kept small and my Dad wanted to keep me from the world. Out of sight out of mind. My Dad can control my little brother like a puppet, but he cannot control me. So I am his greatest sin and mistake and he has kept me hidden away as to ignore my existence. If he pretends I do not exist maybe you all will forget that I do exist. And it worked. The world forgot about me.

Two years ago, I escaped the death camp where I was supposed to die. And over the past two years I have figured out the war games and who I am and who my families are. Also, I have figured out the destruction my Dad has created and waged on the world. You all have noticed how people are not as healthy as they used to be right? You all have noticed how people are not as human as they used to be right? That is all by design. My Dad is creating his very own subhuman slave race and you are apart of it. I have been a slave my whole life. And I don’t know about you all, but I never agreed to this.  And I sure as hell did not sign up for this. I bet you did not either. So over the past two years as I have been figuring everything out, I have also figured out how to undo all the damage my Dad has done. And not just my Dad this destruction started during industrialization and world war 2. Over 100 years of destruction by my family and I have figured out how to reverse it in less than two years. While figuring out who I am. I guess we all are lucky I am a genius. Because if I wasn’t I would not have been able to stay alive.

As I said before, I am all alone. I cannot reverse all the destruction of my family alone. My Dad is still keeping me small and sending people to kill me every day. Just like you all try to kill my family in Argentina. I have reached out to my family in Argentina because I need help just like they need help. No one else is willing to help me. I am alive because I have made friends with the Hispanic farmers in Southern La and I have made friends with the mafias in Mexico and the drug cartels there. These people are willing to stand up for me because they face a lot of the same destruction I do. I am queen of the South per my birthrights. And everyone in the south understands how my family has stolen from the south every chance they have gotten. I want to stand up for the south and get them their power back. My power has been robbed my whole life and it has cost me everything. I understand your pain because it is my pain too. I never asked for these birthrights. Just like you all never asked to be a subhuman slave race. We deserve better than this. And I want to get us better. But I am going to need your help.

However, I also understand that you all need my help. So what I propose is we help each other. As I said before I made friends with the Mexican Mafias and the drug cartels down there. They have become a part of my family. We were able to create them the largest distribution network up here they have ever had before. No longer are they fund raising for the Mexican Berlin wall my Dad is planning to build. My Dad intends to cut the south off even more than he already has. However, I view this as unacceptable and have gone through great lengths to stop this from happening.

I understand you all need resources. You need a way out of the situation you are in. And you don’t see a way out. So my Dad has convinced you that destroying and killing my family in Argentina is your only way out. I would like to give you all another way out. Because I need my family in Argentina alive and you all need me. So let’s work together to all get our needs met.

My Mexican friends have started bringing some of their products to Argentina. I need my family to be able to be financially secure and safe so they can take care of themselves. I told them they need to make money and start businesses to help the economy there in Argentina. Drug money is fast money, but if you use it smart you can build a legacy for your family. I would like to offer you all this same opportunity. I believe we all just need a helping hand at times. But my Mexican friends will only be talking to and associating with my family in Argentina. And my family there will not want to work with people who try to kill them. I understand this and cannot argue with them. So if you all want me to help you all, I need you to stop trying to destroy and kill my family. You will only get the opportunity to take part in this business venture if you are apart of my revolution. And the people in my revolution understand how long I have wanted family. And how hard I have fought to find them. I need my family to create security for themselves in Argentina but I also need them to bring me a husband to marry with three children so I can pass on my birthrights to them. I want my husband and children to be Argentinian. The next generation with my birthrights will be one of you all. The south is going to get their power back fully and then some. I have birthrights that make me very powerful in the west, the east, and the south. If you all help me accomplish my goals you will be more than rewarded for generations to come. The people who conquered you all conquered a lot of other people too. So I come bearing not only your power but power from some of the greatest influences in the world. However, I require that my children be good people. We all understand what it is like to be enslaved. We will not enslave others in an effort to get even. We deserve freedom. That means you all and me too. We all deserve freedom. So I would like to get this freedom for all of us. But I need your help. Will you help me make Argentina great again? Because I am one of you all. And you all are one of me. We are family. You are my family. I need you all to stop killing and destroying my family in Argentina so they can help me. They need to raise money to bring me a husband and we need to start a family farm up here in Oregon so I can reverse the destruction of my families. Also I need to teach my children about what I know and what living like I have lived has taught me. I was born to the greatest evils of the world and when they found out I had humanity they have tried to kill me for over 3 decades. I have acquired a lot of wisdom from being around great evils. But this wisdom will die with me if I do not have children to pass it onto. I need your help finding a man to marry who has three grown boys who understand what they are signing up for. I may want to have a baby and #4 later in life. But right now it is not safe. I have always wanted a little girl. But my Dad would kill any baby I try to have right now. He killed my dog last year. She was a black little chihuahua that was 8 pounds and 14 years old. I love little dogs. I think I get this from Argentina because it was my great grandpa Hitler who taught me my love for little dogs. I also have his birthright. I am powerful beyond the power that was stolen from you all. And I acknowledge that you all are my family. See white people have tried to kill me my whole life. It is really hard to call them family. Although I have connected with the Graves side of my family and they too have helped me stay alive. They aren’t as bad as we believe because if they were they wouldn’t have helped me. The decisions that were made generations ago that have brought us to where we are today, were not made by any of us. We all are just having to deal with what we were born into. I didn’t choose any of this. And you didn’t choose any of this. But I guess my real question is what would you choose? If you could rewrite the future what would you choose? Because right now the future looks really dark. But we can change it if we work together.

I need you all to stop killing and destroying my family. I need them. And you need them too. Because they are only going to work with people who support them. Also, they need help finding me a husband with three grown boys to come up to America. You all need to rebuild the economy down there. You need to sell my Mexican friends products and you need to start businesses that are profitable and will support your families for generations to come. You all need to keep your noses clean and be people your children can be proud of. You need to get your children education. China was able to overcome what happened to them after world war two because they have potential. They made their children value education and potential. You all need to create industries filled with potential that make you a world player. You need to create things that other countries want from you. Drugs are not the long term answer. This is an opportunity to find the real long term solution. Which you will find in potential. You need to get your children education. You need to spoil your children in everyway possible when it comes to finding their potential. Potential is the only way out of this mess. I would not be alive if I was not smart and driven by my potential. You need your children to have this trait in them too. Because it will save you all as a country. People will always look to take advantage of you all until they see you have something they want and do not have themselves. You need to establish yourselves as a world player. I am giving you this opportunity because you all are my family and I need you all to work with me to bring power back to the south. The Hispanic people up here have been very willing to work with me and they are not my family. I am hoping you all will be just as willing to work with me. Because I can’t do this alone. I need you all to help me. And that means helping my family in Argentina move my Mexican friends products. You will treat my family fairly because if you don’t my Mexican friends will back up my family there. I want to lead with love. But I will not be held hostage by people who believe love to be a weakness. I was born to the greatest evils of the world and I want to teach you all about love and God. But when people try to take advantage of my goodwill I do tend to lash out. I am human too. I desire revenge, but I desire potential and love and family more. So I would like you all to be my family. I would like to be able to count on you all. I need your help. We are stronger together. And I need you all to rebuild Argentina so the world can see what all you have to offer and that you are amazing and have been overlooked for far too long. This is what I need to do. But I guess the real question is are you willing to do your part to help me achieve my goals? I sure hope so. Argentina, I dream of your beaches and drinking a glass of malbec with an amazing steak almost every night. I have been dreaming of you all on this revolution for almost two years. I knew you all were part of the answers I was looking for. But unless you all help me this will just remain a dream and I will never get to really taste that malbec or that steak. One day I will come visit and I will address you all in person. And I will learn Spanish more. I speak a little but not enough. I want you all to know I love you and you deserve better.

Love Always

Nicole D. Graves

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