More Blacklist From National City

California: 7VJK407, 8BFP785, 6PSH663, 7KKU912, 5SNK009, 8GPK462, 5MDW442, 7PFX205, 7SXH432, 7ATF953

Here are some more blacklist plates from last night in National City. To the person/people who translate my logical thoughts for the revolution to hear before I publish them, can you start publishing the license plates that I repeat in my logical thoughts? There is no real reason for me to go through the trouble of taking pictures and writing them down when you all can just read them in my logical thoughts.

I would say sorry to the people who got caught, but you know you were doing wrong. People do not appear around me because they have good hearts. They appear because they are attempting to sell out to the dark side. You all know you did wrong. You are just sorry you got caught.

May the odds forever be in your favor.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. To the guy that hung out by me the past two nights in his car a couple parking spaces over. I am not sure why I did not write down your license plate. Perhaps, just pure laziness, but you can bet I will not be that lazy now that I just have to repeat a plate in my logical thoughts. Please stay home tonight and think about what you have done. People like you are the reason we all aren’t living a better life by now. You are the problem, not the solution like you think you are.

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