Morning Mind Dump

The lady I work with poisons me while I am at work. But the things is she only does it a lot when the owner is not there. Why is this? I am still trying to figure out the dynamics of this work environment and the war games there.

The lady is my age ish and no kids, but she is from the Certain One’s family line. How has she gotten away with not getting married and having children? I mean she has PCOS and Insulin resistance big time and is a carb eater so her gut bacteria will be the end of her and she is growing cancer currently. How do you tell someone that they have cancer and you know because you can feel her body? The young guy at work is not as sick as a lot of the ethnic families, but I have met a woman from his family and she was beyond unwell. However, his family line is more reflective of my Dad’s family so they must be descendents of an important Nazi. The guy is swelling because his liver is fatty and his gut bacteria is having a symbiotic relationship thus absorbing the toxins that overflow into the gut. He is still super fixable, but he doesn’t know how to fix it. He has even said stuff about having a hard time going to the gym and loosing weight. This is what happens the Candida makes it hard to loose weight. It is really interesting to see them destroy me knowing that they are getting even for all the unfairness they have experienced. But is it really getting even, because they are still apart of the destruction. They poison the owner too. They have started using a poison they used on me my whole life. This is the reason I was on anxiety pills most of my life. They all want me to fail. The lady poisoned my rock star, tea cup, and my headset yesterday. This is not the first time. They did this to me in Arizona when I did real estate too. I just have to get into my groove and calm down and go slow. They are also trying to get me to eat at work but you know I hate eating at work even when I am not being poisoned. Plus, them eating rice is just feeding the fire for all the bacteria, viruses, mold, cancer cells, and basically anything “bad” to grow in the body. So, they are literally destroying themselves in an effort to destroy me. Oh and the air is chemical laden there. Did I tell you all I had a sales job at a HVAC company is Arizona right before covid hit? The war games run strong nationwide.

I can’t figure out if I actually send my resume in to apply for this job or if this was a set up too? No matter what I do for work they poison me. There is no reason to give up, but I wonder if this is just apart of my Truman Show. How are the people like the owner involved in the war games? He is ex military and apart of one of the family lines that have tried to destroy me for decades. But he has control over the young man and the woman who work there. Ethnic/Nazi people are mostly not allowed to be successful, so you would think that they would understand my desire for a comfortable life. Or at least a life where I get to sleep inside with covers and maybe even in a bed. At the death camp I slept with one flat sheet and on top of a heated blanket with all the windows open and a homemade air filter. I did this for almost the whole time I sold real estate. So yes I will have to adjust to get even playing ground. I have never been on even playing ground, but I sure have to do a lot of fancy footwork to get as close as possible. I have been really good at my diet. The chemical they are currently using makes me not hungry this is why I was so skinny for so long. Plus, they poison my food more so why would I want to eat much? Eventually I will give in and eat something, but not till I have time off from work. Maybe this is why Sundays dinners are such a big deal!

So yeah overall I am still alive and still kicking and still doing the things. Albert from HMC, I have been thinking about you a lot. Big Hugs. I understand why you were such a chaos filled salesman now. You are amazing and they were cutting you down. I had no clue, but I loved just the same because you were always kind to me. Thank you for being you. I hope you won and are doing well. Wish me luck in this battle more of us fight than I ever realized.

Well off to shower and drink my tea. Life is not always a struggle, but when it is remember to breath and keep going. Nothing lasts forever.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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