My 3 Birthrights

  1. I am my Father’s daughter and first born.
  2. I am the 2nd out of all my cousins on the Kudearoff side of my family.
  3. I am the 2nd out of all my cousins on the Graves side of my family.

It has taken me all year to understand my birthrights, but I think I finally understand them all. I hold great power in my mere being, enough power to change the systems all together. However, I need a partner/husband to do these things. I cannot change the systems on my own, even with my birthrights.

The beauty of the situation is that who ever helps me, I will be able to protect. My birthrights trump my Brother’s birthright. This is why he has been jealous of me my whole life. I have three birthrights and he only has one. He likes for you all to think he is all powerful, but he really has always just been plan B. My parents did not kill me because they put a lot of work into creating a child with a legacy like mine. Not often do your children have more power than you do when you are ruler of the dark side. This is why they kept me so small and manageable my whole life. They never wanted me to know that I have enough power to overturn the whole system. They never thought I would reject my birthright of destruction. They never imagined I would reject overt power over a covert war. However, I want to change the systems, all of them. I want to make right all the wrongs my family has created. I want to do right by the people. I want to free the people from this form of slavery that has gone on way too long. I want to free myself from my family.

I can’t do this on my own though. I have never been able to do it on my own. I need help. However, I can protect the people who are brave enough to go out of their way to help me and help me change the systems. I will marry the person who helps me as long as they have good intentions. And I will have a baby boy in a year or two by artificial insemination. I cannot promise a normal relationship by any means, but I can offer great power. I do not have the emotional spectrum of a “normal” person and I have been abused my whole life so I do not attach to people like most do. I do however attach to a lifestyle. I enjoy comfort, space, and the ability to pursue my dreams and goals. I do not need great riches, but I will need to be kept safe and that will require some financial stability and probably some land. Also, I will probably need help getting a job. I need to work and save money before I feel comfortable having a baby. I need to know that if anything happens I will be able to take care of that baby on my own. I don’t need a fairy tale I need someone who is good with logistics and helping me create comfort and security in the long run and quickly.

I understand this is a great risk, but the payoff will be great as well. This will be a symbiotic relationship where we work together to make the world more just. The sooner I am safe, making fermented foods, working on my epigenetics, and sleeping indoors the sooner I will be able to do what I need to do in order to fulfill my destiny. I need to take some time to process the trauma from this year and from my life now that I understand what has been happening. I will need someone who is patient and kind to help me with this. The gift of time and space is what I need. Plus, I need someone to overtly care about me. It does not have to be love or romantic love, just care.

I have ran from my birthrights my whole life because I did not understand them. But now I do and I am willing to accept the cards I was dealt. Yes, there is apart of me that is dying, but that part died a long time ago when I was in the death camp healing cancer. A part of me knew I would never get to be the rolling stone I always dreamed of being. However, I have learned to embrace change and the things life throws at you. So, I am willing to approach this adventure with an open mind and open heart. But I am not willing to accept less than I deserve. And I deserve kindness and patience.

I look forward to meeting my future husband and I thank you in advance for being revolutionary.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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