My Dad The Hacker

My Dad hacks into my websites often and has even blocked me from changing certain things. For example, blocking malicious hackers from the WordPress platform. Have you noticed the 404 Not Found error that appeared on my domain a couple days ago? Well this was done from my hosting and just happened to appear when he hacked into my site last. I have posted the IP addresses on my Instagram(which he has also hacked into). Basically anything I do that connects me with people he has to be apart of. It must be hard to be hated so strongly by the people. “It is better to be feared than loved.” is a communist saying that describes everyone in my family.

My ability to love has always been a threat. Sure I have a vicious side, but I prefer love. I wonder what it is like to not be able to love? It must be cold and lonely. Love will always make you greater, never underestimate love. It will get you places hate never will.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. My Dad has enslaved the people at GoDaddy to get them to cover up his hacking. But hopefully one day they will be free to allow me to have the services I rightfully pay for. This “covert” war is too often overt in my life. Do you all feel like this sometimes too?

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