My New Revolutionary Members

I see people taking part in this war for our family cult and they look like they are in pain here in Fullerton. One guy was literally biting his nails. I understand it takes awhile for the news to spread, but once you are hip to the news there is another option besides blindly taking orders.

Over here on the revolutionary side we are organizing and creating a new way of life where potential and freedoms are valued. We are a simple bunch and believe in peace both externally and internally. So what we ask you to do is simple:

  1. Turn off your phone, the covert war cannot overtly ask you to do anything unless you allow them to.
  2. Stop spending excess money. The less we spend on material things, the less power we give over to the systems that aim to enslave us and make us all fail.
  3. Stay tuned for more updates and just remember this is a revolution, not necessarily a war if it does not have to be.
  4. While you relax and hang out at home, gossip and call all your friends to let them know about the revolution, and to see where they stand. It is important for you all to know who honors the old ways and values destruction. These are the people who will destroy themselves in order to destroy you. These are the people who are not safe for you or your family to be around. So take stock and become aware of where everyone stands because we take care of our own. Prioritizing revolutionary people is prioritizing ourselves and this is what we need to do to move forward. Allow the people who value destruction to be around the others who value destruction and they will take care of the problem people for us. It is a beautiful solution.

My revolutionary people, we made big progress today in the LA area. Somehow my updates have moved beyond the grocery stores and into people’s homes and cars as well. I am still not sure how to reach the everyday normal people, but we build as we fly so we will get to them too. Especially, if you all can help me out with a little gossiping about this revolution. I appreciate you all, thank you for being you.

Love you Always

Nicole Graves

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