My Own Personal Holocaust-#3 Don’t Mind The Women

I always have wondered why the SS soldier women and women from fancy families were the deadest of the bunch and Weston Price’s research brought it all together.

  • Women need more nutrition than men, not less, because we bleed every month and grow children.
  • Women are sexually abused until they are broken into the system of my family cult.
  • Women are forced to have children. This teaches them learned helplessness and results in a cluster b personality disorders to varying degrees.
  • Women are considered second class citizen’s in my family cult, so they accept this as reality(aka learned helplessness).
  • Women are never given any time to learn who they are and explore their potential. Thus, they have no clue who they are as an individual, just who they are in a system.

If you take these things into consideration it is easy to see why the women are are dead inside. A few years of heavy metal detoxing, eating nutrient rich foods, and finding themselves would change who they are on all levels. But how many of them are so dead inside they will never even consider they are missing out on the human experience? They system may have broke you, but you do not have to support the system that views you as a second class citizen and necessary sacrifice.

Destruction is all most women in my family cult know. When they try to destroy you they are just merely carrying on the system that broke them. Can you imagine how hurt they must be in order to carry on a system that hurt and broke them. Do you see the how illogical their behaviors are? They are trauma bonded to the people who have broke them and told them they are not enough so much that they are trying to prove their worth with their acts of destruction.

Pretty crazy, huh?


Nicole Graves

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