My Own Personal Holocaust-Step #2 Emotional Addiction

You know you can talk about emotions and not be consumed by them, right? You know you can ask for help even if you would be okay without it, right? Narcissists and sociopaths are addicted to their emotions and often forget these concepts because they impose their emotional spectrum onto others. Everyone is like them, right?

Step #2 in my own personal holocaust against people addicted to destruction is really work on your addiction to your emotions. When you grow up raised by these people and/or surrounded by them you are taught that emotions are a constant thing. Because they like to keep you in a reactive state so you are more manageable/controllable. It is okay to just be and not feel sometimes. I am not saying numb out and disassociate, but not every moment needs to be an emotionally charged moment.

Where are you inserting emotion into your life when it is unnecessary? Think about food for example. Food is supposed to be fuel, not something that lights up your taste buds/brain. I never really understood this until being on this adventure and being unable to gamble with the unnecessary. Even at the death camp I had phases where I ate cheese and bacon with my ground beef patties. I knew it wasn’t good for me, but I could not figure out what it was doing. It was rewiring my brain to think about food as a treat rather than something necessary for my body.

I am not perfect and I am not suggesting you try to do a super strict diet like mine, but start tuning into what happens to your brain when you eat your favorite foods. Do you really like the way it tastes? Or do you like how it makes you feel?

If emotions have been inserted into food, what other parts of your daily life have emotions been inserted where they do not belong?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. The lady at the weed store today was intense. Her body had so many hormonal shifts and her brain was producing all kinds of chemicals. She basically had a munchausen by proxy nut on me. Woah! I have not seen someone that dead inside and consumed by an addiction in a long time. Just another reminder that there are people who do not desire to heal from their addiction to destruction. I am sure there are a ton of people in the traditional medical field just like her. It’s sad, for them and for us!

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