My Own Personal Holocaust-Stop Feeding The Evil

The Holocaust did not start over night. It was years of small attitude shifts and then small laws, until one day the Jews had to identify themselves with a star when they left home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people addicted to destruction had to identify themselves when in public? Maybe I was onto something when I said I need to start my own Holocaust, but this time a Holocaust against people addicted to destruction.

Accountability is a superpower that eludes cluster b personality disordered people. However, they need us to survive. Life is not easy when you cannot feel alive on your own. Being addicted to destruction means they rely on others to make them feel alive and valid. Leaving them constantly seeking attention/narcissistic supply. This is their greatest weakness. I urge each and everyone of you to educate yourself on cluster b personality disorders and narcissistic abuse. Know thy enemy.

Last night, I was thinking about what would make up my protocol for healing a person’s brain who enjoys destruction. And I realized, no one addicted to destruction will willingly take the amount of time and energy necessary to heal their brain. There would be no reward in it for them because they do not value healing. Only destruction lights up their brain. Being addicted to destruction is quite the monkey on their back.

So how do I purpose we start this Holocaust? Go no contact with the toxic people in your life, stop feeding the evil. I know, I know not everyone can move away to a different state, change their phone number, and start over. It probably breaks some of the covert rules. However, it is free to stop socializing with people who drain your cup. Protecting your energy is your birthright and a part of freewill.

Going no contact with my family is what allowed my brain and heart to heal because I was not stuck in the reactive cycles that cluster b personality disordered people like to keep people in. Every time you react to something they do, it feeds their ego and makes them feel powerful. Well, just stop interacting so they no longer have the opportunity to feel powerful at your expense. I understand there will be certain people you cannot go no contact with, like your boss and/or leader of your own personal family cult. But do what you can. It is time to cut the fat so to speak and stop giving to people who do not fill your cup.

This may not seem revolutionary, but this is just the first small step in a series of adjustments to the way we interact with the world that will help us create the world we desire. Not all creation is physical labor, sometimes when we change ourselves it changes the world we live in and thus the people we share it with.

Stop feeding the evil.


Nicole Graves

P.S. I may wear rose colored glasses, but I also am a realist. A metaphorical death that leaves them feeling like they are drowning inside is way more logical than going for blood.

P.S.S. I saw a black man walking on Main street in Springfield doing SS soldier duties, both yesterday and today. This is something I have never seen in 40 years. The world has changed and so have the war games. Sir, if you are reading this, they have you strung out on cortisol and the war games are probably not presented to you as optional. But the more you control your cortisol levels the more they will seek to find someone else who is more reactive. Finding your Zen is your escape route, literally and metaphorically.

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