My Own Truman Show

I live in my own Truman Show and J lives in her own Truman Show. And I do not think our shows overlap anymore even via text. They are using us to break you all because you all could not break us. Boy, this is heavy! Control and domination just are not my things, but some people just adore them. However, now I know why they tried so hard to kill me in Vegas. I was blogging about narcissism and cluster b personality disorders and all the things that help with describing who they really are. Thank you all for reading those, I have never had better readership stats. Tell me how I can make that happen again with your mind please. I think that is one of my last hopes. There have to be people who have escaped otherwise movies like the Matrix and Truman Show would not exist, right? The answer is money just like I have always thought.

Can you all see the camera they have in my Jeep? I think you can. Well, at least you all see I am pretty calm. Removing metals from my body really helped with my anxiety. So you see my growth is real, along with my hope and faith. The dead people on the other side waiting to have this mess fixed before they cross over are calmer than they have ever been my whole life. This is where I get my hope. This sounds crazy, but I have nuns and Grandma in my head watching over me. They make me feel loved and safe.

What happened to my Dad and Uncle J after this all went down? Why did they get to leave the family? They are apart of the white people, but they felt guilt of some sort, huh? It almost broke Uncle J and they came really close to destroying him. His eyes were so sad for so long. Der is like me, but maybe boys handle it better? It is the guilt from poisoning our Mom’s. My Dad must have poisoned my Mom while pregnant and Uncle J with Aunt La, but first started with Uncle D with Aunt N. This explains so many whys. So, it wasn’t my Mom. She did keep me sick as a kid, but her survival was intertwined with my never finding out about myself. I am sorry Mom, I do love you and I understand you are just a pawn too now. Uncle D made you set up your military people just like he did to you.

Uncle D cost all the families like mine everything. This makes sense because we do have something his white people do not have. This is why it took a Korean turned by the church to help me find my breaking point. The white people aren’t smart and their need for power, control, and domination cloud their vision. Along with lacking emotional intelligence and cortisol brain. They just do not know love or God. Without love you do not have a full emotional spectrum and that throws off all the facts because love is the greatest point of reference most of humanity shares.

When I ask questions please send me the answers with your brain. I know it sounds cheesy, but especially if I have interacted with you I can find your energy in the collective. I need you all to send me all the answers with your brain and heart and soul. No need to show anything just think and feel it, and still feel hope at 4pm. I missed it the past couple days, but I do know you all are out there.

Never loose hope. I am fighting for all of us.



P.S. Dear Julie from the death camp. You are a good person. Send all the answers I did reiki on you so I know your energy well. I think the only way I can help you all is by helping myself.

P.S.S. Thank you to my You Tube Truman Show peoples, you all are very comforting to my nervous system. Everything is going to be okay, I don’t know how, but we build as we fly and channel what we need. Big hugs thank you!

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