My Truman Show Continues

I think I was more right than I ever would have guessed when I said I need to choose an owner in order to be safe. I wonder if this is how Grandma felt? Did she just pick Grandpa as someone to keep her safe and keep quiet? The dead men I connect with do not talk, only the women. I thought this had to do with shame, but maybe it is a matriarchal system in heaven too?

The Washington license plates are statistically out of whack around me. But they aren’t gassing me. So, I can only assume they are keeping me safe. I think the world is a lot worse than they have allowed me to see/imagine. Also, today I realized it was not just my head injury that made me better, it was the surgery I had for the head injury. This makes me feel incredibly nuts, so it must be true, right? Can we just be honest yet? I hate covert messages and we are going to be stuck with each other for my lifetime so can we just talk like normal people? please?

I never really got to celebrate my 40th birthday. If I could make a wish it would be for my Truman Show to stop. Just be honest with me and let me make a difference where it is possible. I understand I cannot break the whole matrix, but if I know the rules I will be able to make more of a positive ripple effect.



P.S. Good job moving your lyphatic systems people, I see you moving your bodies. Movement is healing, especially rhythmic movement.

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