Narcissism, Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking, Birthrights & Munchausen By Proxy

I tried asking my Mom why she had children knowing they would have a birthright. And I was told in a condescending tone that I am the only one who sees any of this stuff. I can’t help but try to have a real conversation with someone. Maybe one day someone will actually be honest with me.

Being gaslighted and told I am crazy is not new to me. It is something my family has told me all my life. I had to learn to deal with it a very long time ago. When I was little my Mom used to tell me that she would have had an abortion with me if it had been legal. It took me years to get my hands on the information and to find out abortion was legal when I was born, this was before the internet. And when I confronted my Mom with this information, she told me she never said that. Gaslighting has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. My being an INFJ is in part due to gaslighting. I have never been able to trust people as much as my intuition. People will forever lie to avoid accountability and we cannot control others or make them want to be honest with us or themselves. So, we all have to do the best we can with what we have and trust in our intuition when dealing with other people, especially people who gaslight.

Your personality type is dictated by the way you were raised and treated as a child. Less than 2% of the population are INFJ’s so this means I am not alone and there are other people who have experienced gaslighting and narcissism to this degree. I wonder if any of them found out about the dark side and rejected it. I am sure my family cult tries to kill everyone who rejects the dark side and it’s rules of marriage and reproduction.

Guessing from the graves and people I found in Santa Fe and my other travels, those who do not marry and/or reproduce get the biochemical warfare to a great degree and rarely survive. However, I did meet a 90 something man in Arizona who did not marry or have children and he was “special” like me, but he was a warden of the state after an “accident”. Plus, I have girlfriends I grew up with in Springfield, Oregon who reproduced and died before we were 40.

So, is having children really a way to ensure survival or is it merely a way to get more souls involved? I am not sold on reproduction, but it seems to be what they get a lot of people with. Why do you all have such a hard time having abortions when you know that your children will bare the same birthright as your own? Are there people out there that actually benefit from the war games enough they desire to pass that privilege onto others?

I feel guilty for rescuing dogs, how can you all reproduce and not feel guilty about it?


Nicole Graves

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