National City My Somewhat Safe Place

Something is happening in National City, it is so quiet today. Plus, they inserted a thought about going back to the beach in my head, but they don’t even allow me to enjoy the beach so what is the point. Let me “talk” this out so I can figure it out logically.

  • National City is the first place I saw slavs for the first time when I knew what they were
  • National City is where they tried really hard to get me not to publish my news updates on Christmas-they did not want the people to know
  • National City reminds me of Springfield when I was little and my Grandma Kudearoff’s people
  • National City is mostly Hispanic
  • Only Hispanic, Black and a few other ethnic people take part in destroying me there-maybe some people born into the war games too
  • They tried to get me to go back to the beach where the Aryans live-but they do not let me enjoy the beach so it is not logical
  • My Brother was never really taken out among the people like I was because people processed oxytocin more normally when I was young, he doesn’t know that people are good at heart and they have been made to be the way they are
  • The people in National City know they live in a prison
  • Chula Vista is where my family enlisted a group of Hispanic people who do not know about what is happening in the world or have access to my news updates. However, these people are not as prevalent in National City. Imaginary lines rule my world

This makes me wonder what it will be like when I go home to Oregon. Oregon is not as dysfunctional at processing oxytocin so they are more humane than the people in California. I wonder what the rest of the world is like? Dare I allow myself to have hope and think the world is changing enough for me to see it in my life? I don’t know if I am willing to go that far, but the world is changing and it is nice to know I have been able to help with that change.

I am unsure of what is happening in the real world, because I live in a Truman show. However, the real world is changing and I am proud of you all. You are standing up for what you deserve. I may never understand the war games all the way or at all. But I understand humanity and once you realize you deserve more, you get more because you will not accept less.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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