Native Americans and Air Force Of New Mexico

Have you all heard that if I have a baby and get married I get to take over for my family? It will literally take an Army to make this happen. Maybe you all could call a truce of sorts and we could all work towards making the world a better place for the generations to come. I understand this too is a long shot and I am an idealist, but I just have to present the opportunity that is before us.

I am quite a different person than my family, but I do believe there are a large number of people like me in the world who do not believe in destruction. Rather we believe in exploring our potential and being good people. There will not be another option like this for my family because they have made sure that all the other children have been broken. And with the use of epigenetics the generations after me were and will continue to be born broken.

Can you imagine how hard I have worked to stay alive and heal all the trauma I have experienced, only to realize they will never allow me to live a normal life? The only shot I have at fulfilling my birthright is in finding people who see the importance of what I am capable of doing/offering. If you all cannot see the need for my revolution then the world will just continue to get worse and worse. Life is not meant to be this dark.

Will you all help me change the world?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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