New Mexico-You Need To Mourn

Dear New Mexico

I am sorry for having to break you so much so quickly, but I have been at this for a long time(37 days) and I need a shower with clean water. Right now, my family is flailing with their last grips of control. The people who will loose everything and who have never explored their own greatness or even desired to, will always be eager to carry out my family’s sins.

You need to go home and work through the cognitive dissonance. Now is a time for self soothing and calming your nervous system. This is how you heal. It may seem selfish, but you cannot help others till you work through your own shit. So work through it. Journal, take a detox bath, go for a run, cook something you love that makes your body feel good, have a cup of tea, play in your garden, zone out and watch YouTube videos(yall know I love this one), etc. Do whatever puts you at ease.

My family is trying to get you stuck in a reactive state by spiking your cortisol. It is okay to feel fear, but know you can work through it. You have to, for your children’s sake. This is the time to put yourself first, so you can take care of your family. Due to all the toxins in the air, water, food, vaccines, etc we all are on the Autism spectrum nowadays. It shows in astrology charts, younger people are so much more dynamic.

Self care is self love in action.

Love Always


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