New Special Interest-The Quantum Field

I need a new special interest to talk about because talking about myself just gives my family cult information about me that they do not deserve and they use against me. So, let’s talk the quantum field. This is how Joe Dispenza describes the energy field around a person. And it is what I read about people, but I have always referred to it as reading their Akashic records. Which makes sense because I have been more spirituality based and he is more science based. I think one day I would like to look into science more, but for now we go with what I experience and see.

Random thoughts on the Quantum fied

  • the quantum field is where God lives in each one of us
  • when you live in the now moment you are in the quantum field
  • your past present and future are in the quantum field simotameously
  • there are multiple timelines in the quantum field-this is where all possibility lives
  • this is where I see people’s epigenetics
  • this is where I can see your microbiome because it is reflected in your epigenetics
  • this is where your state of mind influences your epigenetics and your life—this is why Narcissists have better epigenetics than sociopaths, they believe they deserve better
  • time does not exist really in the quantum field-this is where flow state comes from
  • when you cultivate your quantum field by living/going there often you can influence your present and future more-control is a bad word to use it is more influence
  • this is the goal destination of meditation.
  • when sick it is easier to access the quantum field because life is less appealing—it is a great place to escape–this is why I have had access to it my whole life—the physical world has been less appealing so I found a place that was appealing, abundant, and comfortably filled with possibility
  • it is easy to access the quantum field as you go to sleep-set the stage for your dreams

Okay those are all the random thoughts for now. I am still trying to put it all into words. The quantum field is like epigenetics. They are something I have experienced my whole life, but have never tried to put into words. Who would I have talked to about it that would not have gaslight me and tried to diminish my inner world? No one. So here we are. Creating an inner world is the most powerful thing one can do, besides overtly live by the morals you wish to see in the world. The world is so much more than the physical world that is used to control us all.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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