Now Is The Time-Vote With Your Dollars

Where to start? Well, I am on the road again and once again once I leave Eugene/Springfield the pieces start coming together. What is in the air there that allows you all to share in one common delusion? I had been exploring the thought that my Mom and Brother shared a delusional world, but now I realize it is perhaps all of Lane County.

The gas was bad on the way here so this is going to be fragmented, but it is really important so please bear with me because I have a lot to say.

It wasn’t all me in the 1980’s that pissed off my Dad and made the world go dark. It was the Iran/Iraq war that he started. This is the event that made my Dad turn into a coach potato eating ice cream(I know it is shocking that he is human too. My existence reveals his humanity way more than he would like you all to know). Was my Dad held prisoner for a short bit? I am thinking it was more than just being beat at his own game because he was traumatized. But he escaped after not that long because he was around when I was a child. Now if being held hostage made him mad, can you imagine how pissed being held hostage my whole life has made me?

My Dad always told me to choose my battles wisely. Now I think this is because he has not chosen his very wisely and we all have been paying for it since the 1980’s. Early on in this adventure I told you all that this is a battle I have chosen wisely and I get my tenacity from my Father’s side apparently.

So my Dad was a cocky asshole like my Brother who has never really experienced the world and when he was unable to win a war with people who have been at war since the beginning of time, literally. He drags us all into his emotionally ego driven rampage. I remember the unions striking when he came into power. You all did try to fight back, but there was no one in the fancy families on the South American side who would stand up for you all.

Well, I am on the side of the people who want to explore potential and not be dragged into this socialism that aims to keep us all manageable, weak, and diseased, but tells us they want to care for us. What a sham! It is the same thing my family cult does on a personal basis too. They tell you stories of love while feeding you poison. Sounds like a bad deal for us, the masses.

It is time for a revolution. If there has ever been a time it is now! My family cult has falsely inflated the stock market and it is probably mostly on margin. So act fast sell your stocks and buy into Scandinavian/Republican companies. (Fun Fact: I voted for Trump!) We do not need diseased people with dysfunctional brains worrying about our well being when they cannot see they are beyond sick themselves. Your dollars are your votes, stop spending money at all the Democratic business. It’s time to strike! You know I have been having this Rosa Parks year for all of you too, not just me.

Not partaking in the war games has saved my brain from being as dysfunctional as my Mom and Brother. Never did my Dad think that giving me a false reality would be what saved my mind, but it did. Now I realize my Dad has never had a functional brain and this is why he does not take me seriously. He has literally never lived in reality, even though I am the one he fed lies. The reality is humanity deserves better than being lead into death and destruction by someone who uses their priviledge against us.

Unions, I need to ask for your help. I would like to help you accomplish what you started in the 1980’s. Power belongs to the people. Please so what you can to strike. Truckers I am talking to you loudly, please strike. You all have been destroyed for long enough. I hope you all remember when I was first on the run. I talked about how you all need to heal and how the lead has stolen your health. You deserve better. We all deserve better.

I know I am asking a lot, but it is not just for me it is for all of us. The children of today deserve more. The generations to come deserve more. We all deserve more and this is bullshit. Please partake in this global effort to show my everyone the power belongs to the people who create it.

Your dollars are your vote! Let’s start a revolution!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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