Objectivity & Humanity

Tonight, I saw the opposite end of the spectrum from what I see when the Scandinavians see my pain. The people tonight acknowledge my pain, because they fear having to endure what I have endured. These people know the wrath of my family cult all too well. I get it. I have been through a lot, but you all need to consider reality is relative.

My family cult will never be able to do to you what they have done to me, because you all have been trained to fear them. Where as I was trained to love them. And you also need to take into account that I have always been treated like an object. A human who has as much power in her mere being as me will never be viewed as a human, but rather an object to be obtained and controlled. I know this sounds awful, but the truth is I don’t know any different and this is why I value humanity so much. The poor treatment I have endured has enabled me to keep my own humanity. Without the suffering I have endured I would not still be human. My suffering may be the exact thing that saves us all. Because without it I would be just like the rest of my family.

Reality is relative, I do not know any different. It doesn’t hurt me as much as it would someone who knows what it is like to be treated humanely. I meant to make you all feel better, I hope I did not make it worse.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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