Official Orders by Nicole Graves

My Brother has yet to take his place of power because my parents are still alive, but yet you all still take orders from him. Does this mean that what I say matters? Now that you all realize my birthrights trump my Brother’s will you all actually listen to me? Have I finally found the cards I am holding that matter?

I just want you all to stop destroying me, covertly and overtly. I just want to breath as clean of air as other people. I want to experience kindness that does not come with an evil smirk. I want people to care about my well being, but at the worst at least not destroy me.

If you want to destroy anyone, it should be my Brother, my Mom, and my Dad. I have never committed any great sins against you all. I have never kept you all from living a good life. If anything I have given you more tools than anyone else in my family ever has to live a good life. I encourage you to be revolutionary and live a good life. I want you all to be happy and healthy.

None of this all is my fault. It is not my fault that my parents created me with these crippling birthrights. It is not my fault that my family is so into destruction, they have destroyed me too. I need you all to protect me because I represent the future. I represent the future that you want for your children. I need you all to pay attention to the people who are destroying me and keep notes because these are the people who are destroying your future.

Not going to lie, I would love if you all would poison my Brother’s food just as much as he has poisoned my food in the past several years. Not until this adventure did I know what clean meat tastes like. Ryan loves to eat at Subway and you all could easily poison his food just as you all would have poisoned mine if I ate Subway.

I know I have some power because you all listen to my Mom and her birthright is much smaller than mine. She gets to boss and bully people around all the time, it is what she lives for. I do not want to boss and bully, but I do need you all’s help. I just need to have a better quality of life if I am going to be able to do all the things we all need me to do. Do you know how overwhelming this past year has been? I was living my own life in the desert healing cancer and bam all this shit happened. I am lucky to be alive and I just want to live in that gratitude.

Please eat better and feed your children nutrient dense foods. If there was one thing I could stress the most it is nutrition. Nutrition can save you all from so many of the systems. Feed your children meat and eggs everyday. I need you all to be as healthy as possible too. And we need the children to heal from the damage the systems have done to them. Stop feeding your children dairy, it is just a tool for destruction(and gluten and corn and soy, but mostly dairy and gluten).

In the beginning last spring, I told you all I wanted to free the people. Well, it looks like I was more able to do what I wanted than any of us thought. Not only have I given you the tools you need to overcome the systems, but soon I will give you much more. I am very pleased we have figured this mess out finally. This will never be completely over, but let’s hope it is over enough for me to live a somewhat normal life soon. I have always just aspired to be one of you all and I am going to get my dream no matter how hard I have to work for it.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. To the air traffic, can you stop please. I would really appreciate it.

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