On The Road Again-An Early Changing Of The Guard

When I am on the road the pieces just fall into place. This could be partly from all the different avenues of poison and/or my INFJ mind. Last night I was at the Oregon Coast near Washington and I got a bag of weed from Mr. Nice Guy dispensary. Well, this was the first E I have done in months and my mind went to town playing my game of logic and intuition.

So …. my Dad is dying. It is kind of like when my Mom was pregnant with my Brother and they told everyone it was a girl till a day or two before he was born. My parents do not tell the truth about anything ever really. They say my Dad has recovered from his colon cancer, but has he? The changing of the guard is not supposed to happen till 2026-2028 why is he in such a rush? And why are they projecting such poor health onto me? I am healthier than I have ever been, Ever! And yet they think a bag of chips here and there will kill me. All my food is poisoned sometimes I am going to have the chips. My cancer started acting up when I was around 20 years old and was the worst when I was around 36 years old. Since surviving cancer, I have learned how to thrive in a manner that easy to maintain. Not saying I am the best or perfect, but survival is something I am an expert at by now. So there is not enough time in the world for my Dad to wait for me to die of “natural” causes. He will loose this war!

Bill is a hybrid, just like Uncle D and Kevin “Wilsonville” Murphy. They are a mix of South American Nazi and Scandinavian Nazi. Just like I am a hybrid of Russian communists and The South American Nazis. I get to play both sides of my birthrights. So I am starting to think I do not need to be married or have kids to take over on my Dad’s side, but rather just merely be alive when he dies. Why else would he be so set on me dying? Am I holding up plans or something? Because Bill taught me they are already starting with the changing of the guards.

On my Mom’s side I may need to get married and have a kid, but on my Dad’s side I am destined for my place of power by birthright alone? Now I am just guessing this once again with my intuition and logic, but how cool right? Never would I have thought that I would get anything just by staying alive, but shoot! So my birthright on my Mom’s side is a mute point, with the birthright on my Dad’s side I have everything I could ever want and need when it comes to power, control, and domination. But here is the thing, I don’t like those things.

Absolute power corrupts all and I am human too. Anyone put in such a place of power will give into the dark side. At first in small unnoticeable ways, but soon it will be in great waves that cannot be ignored. Like the food industry that is meant to cripple and destroy us while making large profits and allowing us to buy our deaths. Look at my Dad even he is human enough to have given into his own self destruct button when it comes to food. Colin cancer is what happens when you play the war games and don’t go pooh often enough. The toxins recirculate through your system causing cancer. This is a great lesson, even those who created this system are not immune to the pitfalls they have created. Humanity will bite you in the ass when you disregard it. Even for Hitler’s family.


Nicole Graves

P.S. Washington still does not know I am alive. And what they were planning in Oregon when I was young was moved up to Washington and Utah. The players are numerous, but let me name a few: The Uffins family, Bill, Uncle D, the Holloway family in Eugene area from Oklahoma, my Brother, my Dad, A1, Mr. Utah, The Certain One(my Dad picks on this family a lot! And they are South American too), etc.

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