Overthrowing Kudearoff Tradition

I have been trying to escape my birthright since I was four years old. Somewhere along the way before I was born, it got twisted in with the dark side so much it became more of a curse than a birthright. I will never fully understand the why or the how, but I don’t have to. All I have to do is make the most out what I am left with.

I cannot promise anything to you people, other than to work towards positive change for the rest of my life. I look very much forward to the day when I can meet you all and we can talk about love and health. This is something I will not wavier on. However, I cannot promise to get married and have a child. These are things that will take meeting the right people and circumstances. Tradition has never interested me, but revolution has always been an interest of mine. Changing things for the better is something I will always get on board with.

I hope you all can understand my need to be true to myself and stop sacrificing myself for what is in the best interest of the collective. I need to live my personal life for me and make my own heart happy. I am not completely ruling it out, but merely stating that I will no longer be enslaved to my birthright. The second part of my life is mine to live as I choose and I hope you live your life as you choose as well.

You are the master of your own destiny.

Love Always


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