Parasite Cleansing After Narcissistic Abuse

Being around toxic people is maddening, because their logic just does not add up. Cluster b personality disordered individuals demand you share in their illogical ideas about life. They will even go as far as gaslighting your reality to make their own reality seem like the gospel. There is nothing worse than a human who refuses to see their own humanity.

My own healing journey from narcissistic abuse was a holistic experience. Healing my body, mind, and spirit was a priority because narcissistic abuse erodes health in so many different ways. Have you ever met a narcissist with good digestion and health? I know my own digestion was not where it needed to be in order to cultivate good health and mental clarity. With dopamine and serotonin being created in the gut, this is where I started with parasite cleansing.

Parasite cleansing lead to more mental clarity and I could feel my thought process changing for the better. My brain was responding to life in a different way, a familiar better way. When I watched the sunset, I started to feel the calmness of the beauty washing over me. I was actually able to feel the beauty of the world again.

“The Toxoplasma gondii parasite has been linked to several mental disorders…those with the most severe infections were three times more likely to have developed generalized anxiety disorder.”

Toxoplasma gondii is shockingly common. About one third of the population has contracted this parasite, but only recently have there been extensive studies that prove the correlation between parasites and mental disorders. In 2012, there was research that linked T. gondii and schizophrenia. Now mental health professionals are starting to realize, “…mental health issues can result from physical ailments.”

“…the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that people with rage disorder are twice as likely to have a parasitic infection…”

If clarity can be found through parasite cleansing, what do we really have to loose?(pun intended) When you feel better, you can think better. After almost two years of parasite cleansing, I am still continuing to try different methods. It has been a lot of work and uncomfortable at times, but it has all been a worth while experience. Mental clarity is priceless.

My favorite detox tool has been diatomaceous earth food grade. Take a spoonful mixed in water daily and the magic begins. And while you are at it feed some to your pets too, because they are apart of your microbiome.

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