People Enslaved To My Family

You realize once you are enslaved to my family/cult, they will not stop using you until you are all the way dead inside like them, and past the point of no return, right? These are some of the people who have been participating in attempted murder. Now I have intertwined my survival with yours.



P.S. Remember it is you people who started this!

there have been a ton of dealership cars around me —especally Kendall
To the guy that yelled at me, you just gave away your guilt. Name calling gets you nowhere fun.
See the dead eyes? He is not past the point of no return, but he is almost half way there. See how eyes are swollen, they are punishing him. Take binders and biotin, they will help your eyes and body.
Do you kill your children like my Mom, but pretend you love them for social norm purposes?

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