Propane Everywhere In Edgewood New Mexico

After I posted my first YouTube video this afternoon, Edgewood New Mexico lit up the town with propane. They were not just punishing me, but the whole town. But why?

The elementary school here has the biggest propane tank I have seen here so far. And most of the houses have them too. They all just seemed to open their tanks today in an effort to protect their way of life? Why are they punishing the elementary school children? Children are innocent. Why do they feel they need to brainwash and dumb down the children here? What are they hiding?

Why am I such a threat? Do all the children have Asperger’s nowadays due to all the toxins? Or do we give them Asperger’s on purpose so that we can dumb them down and brainwash them and they will still be able to function?

Check out my YouTube video from today:

Love you all

Nicole Graves

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