Pushing Learned Helplessness

I figured it out! The police officer today and the one in Santa Fe were trying to instill learned helplessness in me(aka brainwash me). But here is the thing, I did not accept learned helplessness before(example: I naturally healed cancer on my own.) However, now that I understand that my Great Grandpa created this system, I know I am one of the few who can fix the system.

I have never accepted learned helplessness well. It took lots of drugs to get me to accept anything. Learning, “it is what it is” when it comes to toxic people is the closest I will ever come to accepting helplessness. Because we cannot control other people and I can accept that. If they want to accept helplessness and to be toxic that is within their right to freewill. However, someone telling me I cannot do something because they do not believe they can do it is a whole different story.

I understand accepting learned helplessness is what you all have had to do to survive within the covert rules of the war games. However, I was not told the rules. I do not have to accept that I am helpless, because I have proven over and over that I am capable. It is too late for my family to try to get me to play by their helpless covert rules.

I may not know the answers today, but I have all the time in the world. Never loose hope, it can be the greatest driving force in your life if you allow it to be. There is always a solution, you just may not have found it yet!

You are more powerful than you know!


Nicole Graves

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