Redmond Please Give Me My Dog Back


I lost my dog Teka. She turns 14 in September and is an 8lb black chiawana mix. She’s amazing and my little girl. She has a dentist appointment on Saturday in Eugene. I have not slept without her years I can’t remember when. She has a brother and they are best friends. She is chipped but she didn’t have a collar on.

I understand my family is probably offering huge privilege for taking her. But please please shes all I have. I know you all get joy out of seeing me hurt, but please give her back. Shes so fragile even though she pretends to be so tough. Shes like me. We have both had really hard lives.

Please get her chip scanned and get her back to me. Please I’m begging. I can’t offer much right now in this moment but I will do amazing things when I can. Teka is my baby girl. Please give her back. Please. Please. I really never ask for much for me. But I need her, shes a part of my heart and that’s why shes a fool for my destruction. Please dont punish me for having a heart. Please please give me my dog back. I will get you cash. Please get my dog back to me.

Nicole Graves

724 436 1523


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