Repost: Albertsons On Coburg

Albertsons On Coburg

Not all the SS soldiers know what is really happening still, so today I am parked at the Albertsons on Coburg road in Eugene. Does anyone really know what is happening? Is anyone ever kept on more than a need to know basis? Has my Dad really been in charge of chasing me since March through numerous states? Isn’t he supposed to be doing something more important, like taking over the world? Or creating another strain of Covid? Or dying of collin cancer?

I do not mean the same thing that I do to the people of Walmart to these people of Albertsons. The people of Walmart are my people, we have paid dearly for the war games. To these people I represent accountability for their war crimes even if that just means admitting their part to themselves.

These are the people who profit from the war games, even if that just means cleaner food. These are the fancy families and the SS soldiers. They are better at slowing down their walking and driving, but inside they are experiencing body and hormonal shifts that are like fireworks. It is a super interesting dynamic to watch, more multi demensional than the people of Walmart because of their involvement in the war games. These people have been running from their humanity, rather than being enslaved by it.

Some quick facts to catch you all up:

  • I escaped the death camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona in March and have been running from my family cult since, through numerous states.
  • I am not going to get married and have kids.
  • My Dad is dying.
  • No one ever told me about the war games. I have figured this all out on my own.
  • No one can overtly kill me.
  • I am not “special” like they told you, I have Asperger’s genius and their creation backfired on them.
  • I naturally cured my cancer before escaping the death camp.
  • The Scandinavians/Republicans are on my side and have stopped fighting this battle.
  • I blogged the whole time on this adventure and have documented everything Publically.
  • Your involvement in the war games is defined by your car, name, family, where you live, where you work, your social security number, birth and marriage records, etc. It may be a covert war, but it is overtly documented.
  • All I have to do is out live my Dad.
  • No one has ever been able to keep me “manageable/under control”.
  • I want to free the people. I think/hope those of you who are not dead inside realize, this is not right.
  • I have more power in my mere being than is humane. People have enslaved and kept me covertly hostage my whole life. And I am pretty upset about it.
  • I remember before the world went dark, when my Grandma Kudearoff was in charge and people had hope and health and smiled genuinely. I want to go back to these times when people lived in love rather than fear. Don’t you?

Okay, so those are the cliff notes. Gossip with your associates in Springfield to get more of the story. Or Santa Fe should be able to tell you some amazing tales. Or the people in Olympia were shocked I was alive to and should have stories. Or the people in Southern Arizona and Nevada have great stories because they were the ones who were supposed to kill me before I made this such a public event.

So how much did you all know about me that was actually true? Consider what I have done in the past 7 months when they tell you who I am and see if it matches. Do you feel confident in them having me under control?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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