REPOST Brainwashing & Conditioning Others= Gangstalking

Brainwashing & Conditioning Others=Gang Stalking

Most of you all have taken part in brainwashing and conditioning others your whole life. When you partake in gang stalking others you are brainwashing and conditioning others. Now that my family cult and the systems know you have seen their true colors they are going to try to get you back under control. However, as long as you remember all you have learned about them and yourself you will not be effected

You need to ask yourself people’s motivation at every turn. How many times have you allowed yourself to do something seemingly harmless in order to earn privilege? How many times have you partaken in gang stalking without asking why you were being asked to do what you were doing? You all have done this a lot, you have genetic modifications that make you more likely to just think about how rather than why. You have been brainwashed and conditioned to not ask questions.

Now you need to ask questions. You need to ask yourself questions about people’s motives all the time. My family cult and the systems are going to try to get you all to brainwash and condition each other back into submission. They will use people you respect and love against you. People will always be willing to sell out for privilege. Look at my life, there are still people signing up to gang stalk me in efforts to break me and brainwash me into submission. It never stops. However, when you are aware of what is happening you do not have to allow it to work.

When someone offers an opinion you need to ask, “What is motivating them to say this?” How can you holding the view they are saying(selling) benefit them? How are they trying to change your perspective in order to fit the agenda? How are they trying to get you to conform? As long as you stay fixed on wanting to be free from the systems that want to destroy you, you will be just fine. Also, realize social media and marketing are used to brainwash and condition you too.

The system will never stop trying to sell you it’s agenda, but as long as you do not allow yourself to be a consumer you will be just fine. And when you sign up to gang stalk another just know you are partaking in brainwashing and conditioning yourself too. When you destroy another for privilege you are destroying yourself. When you partake in dismissing the needs of another you are dismissing your own needs. When you hurt another you are hurting yourself on a gene level. Choose to change your epigenetics by treating others fairly and positively. This means no covert action goes unpunished in your biology, but you can opt out of the war games and make it a positive change rather than punishment.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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