Repost: Hispanic Genocide

P.S. Hispanic Genocide

Southern California

I forgot to mention the kicker of it all. But first you all have to promise if you are 35 and under and of Hispanic decent you will help me get the rest of my revolutionary people to revolt and shoot maybe even riot. See you all were treated just like me, genetically modified and tortured.

My Great Grandfather Hitler hated the Hispanic people and started a covert genocide on you all. My Dad has followed in his foot steps. However, some Hispanic people know about this genocide, but most of the younger generations do not. I am not sure the reason behind who knows and who doesn’t yet. It has been a really long couple years, but the past few weeks I have been on E while putting together these last few pieces of this crazy puzzle.

See Mexican/Hispanic food is designed to cause autoimmune/chronic illness. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease starts with leaky gut. Leaky gut is caused by genetically modified plants/vegetables and nightshades. Traditional Mexican food is not like Mexican food here. Example: In Mexico they do not allow GMO corn because traditionally people plant some of the corn they eat. American Mexican food has been literally designed to take you all out of the equation. This is why you all have higher rates of diabetes, obesity, and chronic illness. And why you all die younger and from what I can tell by the graves in Santa Fe and your epigenetics more painfully.

So yeah, Hispanic genocide is something the Aryans/Hybrids have known about. And they are okay with it, because they knew their priviledge came with this cost. These are mostly the whites, but a few South Americans too, who live west of 101. Some of them have joined the revolution, but the few people left fighting this war are mostly the Aryans/Hybrids. This is the race my Great Grandfather Hitler thought was the ideal, but even in their epigenetics they are missing something.

The pieces it has taken to discover this have been great and choppy, but here we are and one day I will explain all the how I figured it out. But here is the how our family cult is executing the Hispanic people in a covert genocide. If I would have never have lived by the Mexican border in Arizona I do not think I would have figured this part out. WWII never stopped my family just got better at covert genocide.

Are you ready to get angry with me and help me get the others to revolt?

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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