Repost: Ideas Of How To Improve Your Epigenetics

Ideas Of How To Improve Your Epigenetics

Epigentics are about the things you do everyday and the things you do not do. It is about how you chose to cultivate your environment for health, the small things. With the way the world and the systems are we have been brainwashed to forget what is natural. Here ares some ideas of how to live more naturally in this unnatural environment. These kind of things are how you will be able to overcome the genetic modifications my family cult have set you up to experience with the systems in place.

How to improve your epigenetics:

  1. Walk more
  2. Use unscented laundry soap and add baking soda to your wash(skip fabric softner)
  3. Air dry your laundry
  4. Air dry your hair
  5. Eat liver
  6. Grow your own food
  7. Grow herbs in your kitchen window
  8. Get more house plants, especially in your bedroom
  9. Make your own cleaning products whenever possible-vinegar and orange/lemon essential oil are pretty amazing
  10. Move more
  11. Daydream more
  12. Make your own body oil/lotion/body scrub
  13. Stop using antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer
  14. Only use soap on your smelly and dirty bits in the shower
  15. Coconut oil is antibacterial and does not kill your microbiome so use this before or after showering
  16. Dry brush your skin
  17. Use a sauna
  18. Red light therapy
  19. Derma roll your skin
  20. Exfoliate your skin
  21. Add essential oils to your shampoo and conditioner
  22. Walk by the beach-iodine is in the air
  23. Get out in the sunshine more
  24. Take vitamins and minerals
  25. Heavy metal cleanse
  26. Parasite cleanse
  27. Virus cleanse
  28. Candida cleanse
  29. Stop eating fruit
  30. Avoid sugar
  31. Avoid carbs
  32. Avoid fiber
  33. Avoid coffee
  34. Avoid dairy
  35. Avoid gluten
  36. Avoid corn
  37. Avoid nightshades
  38. Avoid soy
  39. Avoid grains in general
  40. Avoid vegetable oils
  41. Eat more healthy fats
  42. Eat more meat and eggs
  43. Raise your own chickens
  44. Dry fast at night
  45. Intermittent fasting/have an eating window
  46. Avoid screen time at night and/or get those orange glasses
  47. Get a rescue dog-they help cultivate your microbiome and soul
  48. Take detox baths
  49. Learn to relax as much as possible
  50. Sleep more
  51. Stretch more
  52. Eat less
  53. Talk about your feelings rather than bottling them up
  54. Be grateful
  55. Envision the future of your dreams and how you would like things to work out
  56. Be a positive person
  57. Ditch learned helplessness
  58. Put yourself first
  59. Be more childlike
  60. Play more
  61. Read more
  62. Learn more and cultivate your brain
  63. Do things that make you get in touch with your spirituality(whatever that means to you)
  64. Get out in nature and unplug
  65. Turn your phone off
  66. Meditation and deep breathing
  67. Avoid sunscreen whenever possible
  68. Find the beauty in everyday life
  69. Avoid being stuck in your feelings, use your logic to find a way out(emotional addiction is a big tool my family cult likes to use)
  70. Keep a journal
  71. Create rituals that bring you joy in your daily life(ex. coffee in the morning, dog walks, just simple small things you look forward to every day)
  72. Value what you do have
  73. Cook your own food-avoid eating out whenever possible
  74. Eat more fresh herbs
  75. Listen to MHZ music(mediation music)
  76. Use self check-out at the grocery stores
  77. Use fewer bath/beauty products
  78. Apply “less is more” in as many aspects of your life as possible

It only takes 6 months of committing to a healthier life to change your gene expression. Pick a few things that you will be able to stick with. Then add in something more here and there when you can. Life is easy and so is health. Don’t let it stress you out, let it be something you enjoy. Be revolutionary in your daily life and watch magic take place

You are in control of who you are, always and forever.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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