Repost: Predestined Greatness

Predestined Greatness

The other day in one of my videos before I went to the Springfield Police, I was trying to understand why I have a hard time putting myself first and choosing me. Well, I was raised to be the scapegoat of my family cult. All the South Americans view me as the scapegoat and the reason why my Dad hasn’t lead us to greatness. Aka I am his excuse.

Dare I question your logic and ask how you ever expected someone who is so interested in destruction to lead you towards greatness? His poor ability to lead us to a good place has nothing to do with me. It has to do with his value system. He does not value greatness, otherwise he would value potential. My Dad has lead you all to a place where greatness is not even an option on the table, because anyone who desires to explore their own potential is a threat to his own ego. How dare you desire to be better than him at any thing!

Don’t you ever wonder what your gifts are in this life? We all have gifts that are predestined. However, without the freedom to explore our potential we will never find these God given gifts. What is the use in being carbon copies of my Mom and Dad like so many of you are? You understand they aren’t happy people, right? And you understand their lack of happiness has to do with the choices they have made based on their value system that they expect you all to adopt, right?

Being an independent thinker is revolutionary and can lead you to places no one else has been!

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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