REPOST Reversing The Brainwashing

Reversing the brainwashing

You know that anxiety you feel right now? You are questioning who you are right now, huh? Do you know why? It is because you have been brainwashed and conditioned your whole life. You have been stolen from yourself. We all have been stolen from ourselves.

Remember what you were like as a child. That child wanted to do amazing things, huh? That child believed in bliss even in rocky times. That child believed in a brighter future and that you were deserving just by merely being. That child was taken from you by the systems. You are still that child. You are still deserving. You are still destined for greatness. You are amazing.

The systems and the war games may have stolen you from yourself, but information changes people. I have given you the opportunity to take your inner child back and embrace the beliefs and person who was stolen from you. We all have been victims of the systems and the war games. There was no escape from the destruction. However, now that we know better we need to choose to do better. Not only for the world, but for that child that was stolen from you.

You used to believe anything was possible. Now it is time to realize anything is possible. You can do more than you ever imagined you can because you were brainwashed and conditioned to believe you are small. You are not small, you are larger than life. We all are more powerful than the systems, this is why they conditioned us to be small and manageable. We out power and out number them. We are the true deciding vote in how the world is, this is why we were kept small.

Please take the time to get to know yourself, because you are more amazing that you ever could have guessed. Yes, it is sad that we all were stolen from ourselves and each other, but now is the time to regain ourselves and come together united to show the systems how powerful we all are. We need to show them we have taken back the power they stole from us. We will no longer settle for being kept small and manageable. We no longer will allow ourselves to used by the systems that wish to disempower and destroy us.

You are strong and you are capable. You are powerful and when we all come together we can move mountains because anything is possible, right?

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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