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Salem Safeway

Well hello there Salem!

Sorry to ruin your Monday, but I need you all’s help. See my Dad and I are having a bit of a civil war/family fued. He wants me to die so my Brother can keep you all enslaved and I want him to give me my birthright without having to kill him so I can free the people. It is a messy situation that we have been at war over since March, when I escaped the death camp he created for me in Arizona. I need you all to gossip about the updates you heard when entering the grocery store. Also, I would love if you could mention the air traffic and the leaking propane tanks in front of the store because there was a lack of people willing to do his dirty work.

I invite you all to join in with my revolutionary people in having a no spending boycott to prove the power belongs to the people who create it. We do not have to follow tradition when it is outdated and no longer working for us all. This is just a family disagreement on how to run the family business, but it will effect you all and your grandchildren’s children. So, I think you deserve a vote in the matter.

I am still trying to figure out the rhyme or reason behind why some of you know about this and others do not. I have been through multiple states and my grocery store sit ins seem to be the most impactual, merely because my Dad makes you all gang stalk me. The people who gang stalk me on the interstate do not go into the grocery store and get the whole story, so please excuse my presence and know I mean you no harm. Just sticking up for myself and the other people who are interested in freedom, potential, and a better quality of life.

Hope you all have a great week.


Nicole Graves

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