Repost: Your Gut Bacteria Is The How

Your Gut Bacteria Is The How

Your gut bacteria is how my family cult keeps you small, diseased, and manageable. Your gut bacteria is what dictates much of your epigenetics. Your gut bacteria is how my family cult enslaves you to the systems that create power for them. Example: They get you addicted to carb filled foods. You buy into the food system and create profits and power for them to control the food system more. The food makes you sick. Then you buy into the medical system which makes you sicker and they have more power over you. They never intend to give you the answers, only keep you sick and create more problems so that you empower them more and disempower yourself. The system are broke for us the people, but for my family cult they are working just fine.

I just almost bought a roasted chicken from the store. I know the Omega 6 will effect my epigenetics, but I gotta eat. However, I read the ingredients and the chicken had sugar on it. Needless to say I put it back and told the other lady looking at them that they have sugar on them. You need to read the ingredients on everything. Gluten is also something my family cult puts in a lot of food because it messes with your mind. Especially if you are on the Autism spectrum. If you are feeding your children gluten you are limiting their potential. And I understand with the food system the way it is, it is really hard and expensive to avoid it. But awareness is the first step. You are in control just start limiting it and work with what you got. Awareness is the first step. Anger is the next step and you just keep going and going and work with what you have.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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