Reprogramming Yourself

One of the first steps in taking your power back and taking control over your life is realizing that the world/society we live in is set up to program you to stay small and manageable on the way to being diseased. This is what I did when I moved away to the desert without really realizing what I was doing.

The systems and society use your biology against you every chance they get. For instance, trauma makes you more suggestable. This is why my family cult is so fond of car wrecks. In theory, I think this may have something to do with the invention of air bags, but that theory is for another day. So the more traumatized the systems keep you the more likely you are to conform to what they suggest to you. Also, you are more suggestable at night time because of Melatonin and your guard dropping at night. This is why late night infomercials exist and late night news.

The systems suspend people in lack, fear, anger, anxiety, etc and this keeps people looking outside of themselves for the answers. They keep people destracted, busy, and in survival emotions and they never will believe in themselves and will keep looking out side of themselves for answers. It is just one big distraction that keeps you distracted and feeling powerless. The systems only win when you continually look for the answers outside of yourself.

The beauty of this is that we can reprogram ourselves. We are just like computers, there is no reason you have to allow others to program you. You can take charge of your own programming once you are aware of what is happening. We can even use the same tactics that the systems use, but for our own greatest good.

For instance, program yourself at night and in the early morning when your Melatonin is higher. Pick a guided meditation and do it every night before bed(even if you just do ten minutes of it). This was one of the steps I used when in Arizona and it works magic because when you go to sleep your body and mind continue to work on the programming. The other extreme of this would be to stop watching the programming at night that the systems aim to use against you. If you watch the news at night or in the morning and cannot live without it, pick an afternoon version to watch when you are not so suggestable.

Another thing that Joe Dispenza suggests is “mind movies”. These are more than visualization they are experiences that you rehearse in your mind. Even go as far to add a soundtrack so you engage your senses even more. It is like a dynamic vision board. This allows you to get clear on your vision/intention and get comfortable and familiar with the feelings that are associated with it. This way you draw the experiences towards you. You can accomplish your dreams, you just need to program yourself to know what the experience will feel like.

There are so many things that I could tell you to do and not to do, but programming yourself and experiencing your quantum field is all about doing what feels right. Information is limited in the material world, but it is infinite in the quantum field. You know that feeling music gives you, where you just feel the music on the inside. It doesn’t have to do with the words, but just the way it makes you feel on the inside of your being. This is the unified field that goes beyond our quantum field. This is the goal. When you can reach these states of being that is when you know you are getting closer to being the ideal version of yourself. I do not know if we ever achieve fully the ideal version of ourselves, but I do know the more we try the closer we get.

Another way I have experienced the unified field is freeform dancing. Have you ever taken E and listened to music and just wanted to dance? This is the unified field. Have you ever fried and seen music? This is the unified field. From what I have experienced all our quantum fields joined together make up the unified field and this is where love and God live. I am still new to trying to explain this stuff, but you know when you have experienced this kind of magic because it goes beyond words.

A few things I do want to suggest in the material world are:

  • please take a multi vitamin daily
  • watch less tv because it is meant to distract and program you
  • use fewer chemicals(cleaning products, body care products, etc)
  • listen to audio books or read or watch You Tube videos about things that can improve your daily life-Joe Dispenza is great, but choose whatever interests you
  • walk more to lower cortisol levels(bonus points listen to an audio book while doing so)
  • eat more coconut oil and butter, eat more protein-these will help your body rebuild and repair –eat fewer carbs (this doesn’t mean you have to go low or no carb-I do best when I stay under 150g/day when I do eat carbs-find your sweet spot)
  • eat fewer vegetables and no fruit–plants have been genetically modified to make us self destruct
  • get sunshine whenever possible and take vitamin D
  • remember you are the author of your own life, so create the life you want to live.

I could go all day with the suggestions in the material world. However, it is best when you access your own quantum field and do what you are drawn to do yourself. Make changes to your life that you are drawn to. Ask your body what it needs. Ask yourself what you need. What do you need to feel better emotionally? What do you need to feel better physically? You know what you need, you just need to listen and believe in yourself.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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