Reptilian Brain Example #952 Redding California

Today, I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot and blogging in Redding, California. People did good at not making eye contact today, but they give themselves away still. Your people are trying to be more human rather than reptilian. However, the reptilians just cannot help but give themselves away.

A man today walked by with a cart full of things and asked, “Are you in a timeout?” This took me aback a little, because I really did not understand at first. But I had to take into account his state of being and point of reference.

He thinks that I am sad that I am not apart of my heard/cult/family. My Mom thought this too. See this is where the lack of emotional intelligence comes into play. If they understood being human, they would understand that pain is all I associate with my family/cult. If I had been able to conform to their ways, I probably would have out of survival. I assume this is what the rest of the family does, join or die right?

I do not know what has inhibited by ability to conform to the dark side, but I do know that heard mentality has never been comforting to me.



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