Rigging The System-The Kudearoff Territory

My Grandma Kudearoff was brought here by the Russian Orthodox church. They were also the ones who gave her the territory in Oregon. We have to report to them. However, I do believe they have been kept in the dark just as I have been kept in the dark.

My Aunt La and Father have rigged the system. They stole the system/territory from my Mother and I. However, I do believe they make my Mom still go down to Calistoga and report to the church. If I do not take my place of power my cousin J should be next. Well, my family is intending to give my territory to my cousin Der, Aunt La’s son. This is to reward her for helping my Father take my Mom and I out of power.

Please let the Russian Orthodox church in Calistoga know I am on my way and I need their help. The system is broke and I need their help fixing it and getting my territory. The system is what has enabled me to be treated as a farm animal that is meant to be owned, breed, and murdered. This is the same system that has allowed my Father to kill two of his wives to gain territories in Oregon. Any system that requires women to be looked at as incomplete without a man will always create destruction. Women are whole on their own. The system needs to be updated. I understand they meant well, but this tradition is not working for us any longer.

The system has allowed me to be kept in the dark and treated like an object and held prisoner my whole life. I am lucky I never had children and/or got married because then they would have murdered me just as my Father did his two wives. They system needs to change, because all the women like me deserve more.

Also, will you let them know I have been on the run for 200 days, so I am a bit stinky and this is not the time to try to risk anything for social norms.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Oregon I am coming for you! xoxo

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