People of Roseburg

I am not asking you to join my revolution. I am telling you this is your last chance. This is not a game, this is war. Do you not understand this is about world domination and you are choosing the wrong side? How do I explain to you that I understand you think it is a good idea to try to get into my Father’s good graces. However, in this instance you are digging your own grave!

My Father is a coward. At least Hilter(my great-grandfather) put his name and ideas out there overtly. Not until he was conquered and running from accountability did he adapt to a covert way of being. He knew he was in the wrong, but he still wanted to play his war games. See with covert war fair the only power they get is the power you give them. They cannot overtly demand anything.

Well, I am like my Great Grandfather and am overtly telling you to go home and think about what you have done! No one has ever offered you the possibility of freedom before and this is how you treat the one person who represents something you could NEVER attain on your own? Who the fuck do you think you are? I have done things you could never imagine doing or enduring and I am tired of this disrespect.

Go home and think about what you have done to the person who wants to give you more than you have ever had before! Know your worth you deserve more than what you have and joining my Father in this dying war is not the right move.


Nicole Graves

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