Rules Against Destruction

I have never been able to gamble on people doing the right thing because of their hearts. My Mom is no different. Until my Brother and Dad stop threatening her life, she will never be able to stop destroying me. The whole Kudearoff family will not be able to stop destroying me until they feel safe from being completely destroyed themselves. However, going home is the safest option for me and for all of us.

I need time to pick a good husband. I need to find someone who has values and morals that match mine and some killer ethics(lol pun intended). Oregon is the best place for me to soothe myself and figure out the logistics of the future for all of us. Are there other people out there with birthrights like mine? What other families have such power in the war games? Does my birthright on the Graves side come with land? I have so many questions and I am going to need to find answers to these questions. I need the time and space to do that.

There needs to be accountability for destroying me, but there needs to be accountability for making other people destroy me too. When my Dad and Brother make my Mom destroy me so my Brother can have my birthright, I am pretty sure that is against the rules. When they make the Kudearoff family destroy me, I am pretty sure that is against the rules. People only want to kill me because of my birthright and because their lives are threatened too. I need for the referees and the war games systems to figure out how to not only hold my Dad and Brother accountable for this, but also the people they send after me accountable. There is no reason I have had to endure 40 years of destruction to realize that people were trying to kill me to take the power I possess. I should not have to suffer any longer for my birthrights. My birthrights were given to me to give me power and if I cannot live a good life without destruction what is the use of great power? I deserve to heal and experience health for the very first time in my life, like really good health.

Referees, I need you all to figure out how to hold people accountable for trying to kill people with birthrights before they actually are dead. If you all had rules for this you may have been able to save Kris and Brenda. You all are the reason why they are dead, you need to apologize to their children. We need to have rules in place to protect the people with birthrights that endanger them. If not our birthrights are just like death wishes for anyone seeking to take the power we possess. Who is supposed to protect us from our family members who wish to steal the great power they instilled in us? What is to stop people from being motivated by our families to destroy us so they can earn favor and privilege? We almost had to wait for me to die in order to face the real issues at hand. We need to create rules of accountability for all the people who commit crimes against humanity in order to gain power.

If we are going to run with the war games systems and live by them, they need to protect the people who carry on its legacy. Otherwise we are just animals. And animals have to think for themselves to survive.

We need rules to protect everyone from being destroyed and having to take part in the destruction of others for power and privilege. And we need those rules to take effect today. There is no reason someone should be destroyed because they were born to carry on the war games.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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