Salem & Olympia I Need Your Help

Salem & Olympia

I have a plan, but I need your help. I saw a native boy breaking near Seven Feathers and it was because he was doing something he did not believe in, but yet he was helpless to say no to my family cult. This gave me an idea we need to try!

You all have heard about how there are 7 degrees of separation among people, right? Well, let’s test this theory. Call 7-10 people you know gossip about what is happening covertly and start with your people in California and work through Nevada and Arizona. And tell them to TURN OFF THEIR PHONES. The people who are being called to action are NOT the people required to stay on-call. If they cannot be called upon they will not have to do things they do not want to do. We need to black out the west coast. This is the only way it will work, we need to take over I-5 completely.

No Spending and Turn OFF your phones!!!

Please get them to understand we are at war. I believe they still think this is a game where they have the chance they have always wanted to gain the favor of my Father. Please explain to them that this may be our last chance.

If I have to go back to Oregon and get a job, they will try to kill me viciously and probably not be very covert about it. This is it my revolutionary people. Today is day #197. 197 days I have been at war. Really I have been at war my whole life, but only 197 days have I known my family was the roots to this war.

People desire to be seen and feel important. However, this is not the time or place to let your ego get in the way of freedom for us all. I have worked my way through everyone and there will always be more people who desire the need to be seen. The only way I can reach them all is if you all help me. Your freedom is on the line just as much as mine. Let’s do this today together. What would you need to hear to really understand what all is on the line?

Thank you and love always,

Nicole Graves

Truckers I need your help too. Can you please do whatever it is you do that allows for the interstate to become like the grocery stores with updates, please and thank you! Sorry for ruining your Wednesday, I invaded your workspace.

License plate: Oregon blue plate FBUH, 518 KCH

California 6XKK108, 7J66748

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