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I seem to have come back from the dead, yet again. You all did not know I was still alive, let alone I have Asperger’s genius. And on top of it all your children like me are not what my family told you. This is why I felt more anger from my family when I started heading this way from Albuquerque.

I am assuming this means you did not know they torchure and poison your children in the group homes. Did you hear I worked at a group home in Sierra Vista? I was at a death camp there and my Mom thought it was safe to tell everyone I was dead, but I found more answers there than ever before because the people there did not know I was smart. They thought I was “special” and gave me more information than I could have found on my own.

Did you hear about how I had head surgery when I was 8 years old? They tried to make me more controllable and gave me extra access to things that you all do not have access to like dead people and other people’s body sensations. I can feel people and you all do not know what to think. You are in shock and that is to be expected.

Why are you poisoning the Native Americans? Is this something that my family makes you do or is it something the government makes you do? My family is quite powerful, but no one ever told me anything about this whole mess. They were just waiting for me to have a baby so they could kill me. But now that I am 40 they had given up and were trying to kill me in nearly overt ways since 2015.

I have recovered from cancer and learned how to heal almost anything with the special access my head surgery and lot of hallucinating and talking to God has given me. Are you interested in healing your children? I know it is a long shot, but I just want you all to know it is an option on the table. I love my people, we are so dynamic. Not better than, just different and more relatable.

You all are not like my family. You all are not past the point of no return. You are still good people who have hearts. How did you get into this mess? I can only imagine, but my Mom can be charming when she tries or at least she used to be when she was younger. Have you seen her now? She is a very angry person and she took her angry out on my little brother and I all our lives. But you know what, she did not break me. People like me have something special that makes us unable to be brainwashed all the way. I think it is the logic that comes along with being a genius. Do you know how hard it is to be this smart? It hurts often because understanding the majority of people is almost impossible.

After studying Cluster B Personality Disorders for years, I can see their point of view now, but I also see you all are not narcissists and/or sociopaths. Just humans who made a couple bad decisions, which is something we all do. This is part of the human experience, making mistakes and realizing the error of your ways. However what you do from here when you do know the whole story, could put you past the point of no return.

You all are not as controlled by my family, but yet they still seem to own you. Why? Why would you choose ownership over your children? Especially now with knowing all you know.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

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